Back at it on June 15th!

Dear Dance Family,

Wow! Alpharetta has already been open a week! And what a first week back! Our new procedures ran smoothly, everyone knew what to do, attendance was great...everybody was ready to dance!! The studio was filled with the most beautiful loving energy. It was a light in this dark time. I think Alpharetta dancer, Linda Mayse summed it up beautifully in her note.

Thank you Linda!

So let’s get Atlanta ready, shall we… 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you all have rushed the schedule to get pre-registered for your classes but just wanted to point out a few things:

  1. If you pre-registered for classes and came up unpaid because you do not have an active class card or Membership, please make sure to settle up your account no later than June 10th or you will be removed from the roster. Several classes are on waitlists and priority will be given to those with a “paid up” account. We don’t want you to lose your spot!
  2. Just because you got lucky and were able to sign into every Reb3l class between now and Christmas, please be mindful of other students who aren’t getting that chance. 
  3. Please do not sign into the same class back to back… you do not need to take MaddX twice in one-day! This was meant to give more people opportunities to get into class, not for you to feel less guilty about eating that XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito from Taco Bell 
  4. If you make it off the waitlist and into a class, the system will send you an email. Look out for it. 

Other schedule announcements!

  • Please join us in welcoming two new faces to the schedule:

Ilene Miller with Reb3l Groove Lite! Same Groove intensity, less impact. Wednesdays at 430pm.

Millard Collier (you can call him C) is bringing us a straight up instructional Salsa class called Salsa Dura, Thursdays at 830pm. Learn the history, master the footwork and polish your "shines"!

Check our socials in the next few days to “meet” them!

How about some more exciting news?! We have spent the last 2 weeks working on a new and improved Online Class platform and now it's live! Goodbye Facebook* and helloooo!! 

  • No more audio issues! 
  • No more slow loading times! 
  • New classes will be added regularly starting this week! 
  • Stream on ANY device… phone, tablet, computer, TV!

Dance with us in your living room, man cave, she shed, hotel room etc! You can now take us anywhere - with an internet connection of course!  

Switch over to the new platform today! Use discount code DANCE to pay only $25/mth (reg. $35/month). Month to month subscription, cancel anytime. Click HERE to join. Current class cards and Memberships do not apply to the new site.

*The Full Out Members Only facebook group will remain active until September 1st, however no new content will be added. If you’re currently paying the $35/month Online Membership to access our facebook group, you will be receiving an email from me (Paulina) later in the day with your options!

In closing, in the wise words of Fraggle Rock... "Dance your cares away, worries for another day - Let the music play"

With love, Paulina