Pay it forward, back & side to side

Dear Dance Family,

Happy Flursday! 

Here’s a wild thought, MC Hammer told us “you can’t touch this” Lil Jon suggested going “from the window to the wall” (of your house) and The Weeknd encouraged social distancing with “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you.” Guess we were just too busy dancing to these songs to get the message! Popstars could have saved the world… smh.

Lesson learned, listen more! Although, when we get back in the studio I encourage you NOT to listen too closely to the lyrics of Jared’s music ha. Not going to learn any life lessons from G-Eazy or Meek Mill haha.

Anywaaaaay, how about some… EXCITING NEWS....

1. This weekend (aka known as tomorrow and the day after tomorrow ?) we are back at the studio filming MORE classes for the Members Only Facebook group! Here are the 8 confirmed classes because you know we don't play:

  • Ballet Variations (From The Sleeping Beauty) with Rachel
  • Broadway Jazz with Ricardo
  • Contemporary Ballet with Rachel
  • Dancer's Stretch with Ofelia (new variation)
  • Heels with Kimmie
  • Jazz Funk Remixed with Ofelia 
  • J-Roc (hip hop) with Jared
  • Musicality in Motion (hip hop) with Kevin Z.

Roll out begins May 1st. Not in the group? Details HERE.

2. If you are on the Unlimited Membership and have continued to pay while the studio has been closed, we will permanently discount qualifying Memberships by 25% so hold onto your Membership as long as you can! (Qualifying Memberships are those that were previously $160/mth or more).

And just a reminder if you have a class card, your expirations will be extended and if you’re on a Count Membership (5, 10 or 20) all unused classes will be rolled into a class card (1 year expiration) so you will not lose them. We thank you for your continuing support and we can’t wait to thank you all in person #airhug

3. We’ve set up a fundraiser! Support our Tea-chers, buy a Tee-shirt! Variety of sizes, styles, and colors with no limit on how many you can buy! Fundraiser will run for 2 weeks starting today! Click on image below to Buy/Donate.

In closing, while there are many unknowns about our future right now, there is one thing we know for sure... and that is what dance and dance 101 means to everyone of us. Keep exercising your dream - no matter where you are - keep the dream alive! Because the day we reopen will be GLORIOUS!

XO, Paulina