Your Class Card/Membership Update

Dear Dance Family,

Y'all are something else! We are overwhelmed with gratitude at how our dance 101 community is pulling together right now.  Many of you have reached out to tell us how important the studio is you - how the studio has helped you through many things in life and now, in turn, you want to help the studio survive its own crisis. It's so heartwarming: like a cyclone of gratitude - circling your gratitude for our teachers and our teachers' gratitude for you. Our hearts are full and deeply touched by your generosity. Thank you for caring about us and pitching in to keep us employed.

If you do not currently have a class card or membership but would like to support the studio, you can purchase a gift certificate or if you'd like to dance with us at home, purchase the online dance package! Any day we dance, is a good day!

Now please take a moment to read below to learn how dance 101 is managing your account during this period of shutdown.

The following applies to active memberships that are not on a freeze.

If your Membership is active and you have not already joined our Private Facebook Group: DANCE 101 FULL OUT, Please do so. We have filmed 26 classes for you so far with more on the way.  Our classes will keep you moving and lift your spirits!

Online classes will not pull from your Membership! These classes are included.

  • 5, 10 or 20 class per month Membership: we will add unused classes  back onto your account. When we re-open you will receive an email telling you how many class credits you have accumulated and you will have at least a year to use them all.  
  • Unlimited Membership: we have discounted your draft by 25%. *does not include Alpharetta VIP $95 Membership

Class Cards, etc.

All modifications will be done at time of opening so don't worry if you do not see any immediate adjustments to your account.

  • 5, 10, 20 and 60 class card: expirations will be extended by however long the studio remains closed.
  • If you have a credit of any sort on your account: your credit will continue to be available when we re-open.
  • 30 day unlimited passes: will also be extended to complete the 30 days from the day you return. So if you had 2 weeks left at the time we closed, you’d have 2 weeks once we open.
  • Unactivated passes will continue to sit on your account until you are able to come in for class, then expire 30 days from your first class.

On behalf of our teachers and staff, we thank you and look forward to the day we can thank you in person!

In gratitude,

Ofelia & Paulina