Right on cue!

Dear Dance Family,

I have two words for you: ONLINE CLASSES! 

These classes will keep you moving and lift your spirits! 

We've had a blast filming (and learning about filming - Mirror effect FTW) and it's becoming even more fun as teachers begin to relax in front of the camera. Wait til you see JR's Dance Fitness - listening to him alone will put a HUGE smile on your face! Oh hey, Ricardo! You'd think he's done this a million times. Check out his Jukebox and Latin Heat classes. We've got 12 classes up now and 9 more to go including...

Kimmie, Kevin T in A-town Funk, Malerie with Hip Hop, Soca! with new teacher Chantal - get ready for that energy (Erik started sweating just filming her class!), Hip Hop with JJ (includes a cameo appearance by Erick Uphoff), Dance Fitness with Katie, Ballerobica with Bryn (Paulina still hasn’t recovered from this filming LOL) and more! 

We challenge you to clear a space and crank up the volume, you've got some dancing to do! Grab your partner, roommate or that cranky teenager at home for a welcomed distraction and a whole lot of giggles! With the exception of ballet and tap which are the most technical classes, the majority are for everyone - dancer or not. And even better, these classes are on-demand which means you can watch them on YOUR schedule and as many times as you would like! Perfect that routine, repeat the ab section in Ballerobica (at your own risk of course haha) and/or take Thread twice a day! You do you!

So, how do you join?

  • If you have an active membership or class card click <here>. 
  • If you do not have an active membership or class card, click <here> then log onto facebook and search for DANCE 101 FULL OUT ?


Keep in mind: If your name is different on Facebook, please send us a DM to make sure we accept your request! If you are trying to join the group but keep getting declined, please login to your Mindbody account to make sure your classes are active. 

Keep moving, keep dancing Atlanta!  Stay connected to your dance friends and favorite teachers. We hope you join us!

Oh and we’re not stopping at 21 classes sooo y’all better get that epsom salt ready...

XO, Paulina & Ofelia