The studio lives ONline

Inside the studio with Paulina,

First off…. all the love and support we’ve received from you guys these past few days has made us ugly cry! If I had known this was going to be the response, I probably wouldn’t have drank a bottle of wine before hitting send on the email announcing the studio closure. 

Okay but real talk, it was that outpouring of love and support that made us realize two things…

  1. For the safety of our community we need to extend our temporary closure to March 29th - taking it a week at a time.
  2. We need to keep you guys DANCING!

So if you are an Active current class card or Membership holder, please search for our dance 101 Members Only group on Facebook (or click here). Over the next week we will be publishing videos of several classes (from Atlanta and Alpharetta!) for you to do in your living room, on your patio or in your bathroom (no judgement here).

If you would like access but are not an Active Member we encourage you to purchase a class card. Dance now so you/we can all dance later! Win-Win!

NOTE: If your facebook identity is not the same as your real life identity (I can assure you "Ashley Cupcake4Life Jones" is not in our system haha) please make sure to send us a DM so we can get you into the group! 

While we kicked off this new online venture with a beautiful Inside Out combo by Lauren, it is just one of many classes we will be offering... So get ready to Tap, shake those calories off in Dance Fitness, bust a move in Hip Hop, tone up in Ballerobica, zen out in Thread and more! And because this is new to us, we’re still working on the glitches… who knew technology could be so hard ha, but we’re hoping to roll them all out in the next week! 

And here's a fun fact, you guys remember the viral video of the cameraman filming the implosion of the dome, when the Marta bus drove up and blocked his shot completely?! Well, that man is helping Erik with the video editing (not the filming don’t worry), he’s also my best friend and doing us a real solid! We’re excited to have an extra set of hands to help us get these videos out!

Lastly, if you’re getting emails that your class cards are expiring, ignore. If you’re getting emails that it’s time to renew…. mmm maybe don’t ignore ? and if you’re wondering how else you can support our teachers and staff at this time, buy a gift card! 

In closing, we are grateful for you and hope that this email made you smile. We miss you and can’t wait to be dancing in the same space again! Stay well! 

XO, Paulina

PS. Lola says Hi!