(ATL) Free Week Survival Guide 2019


Thursday January 17th, 2019
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Inside the studio with Paulina!

Welcome Free Weekers! If you’re reading thisl it’s because you’ve registered to participate in our Free Week promotion! HIGH FIVE!

So with the sudden pop ups of Super Bowl Survival guides online, I thought a Free Week survival guide would be perfect especially for those new to the studio! I have compiled some tips and must-know info for the week which kicks off THIS Sunday Jan 20th!:

  • 1. Pre-Register for all the classes you are GOING to take. Can’t make it to class, cancel your resy so others can take it. If I have to continuously tell people they can’t get into a class because it’s full online but several of ya’ll don’t show up… well, let’s just say I'm not trying to ruin our 4 star rating on yelp. ?
  • 2. Arrive Early! More people = more cars = more cardio because you’re going to be parking at Salad Works.
  • 3. Be patient with us at the front desk! We have a system in place to get you into class as quickly as possible but we’re also at the mercy of technology…
  • 4. If you’re solely taking free classes, do not try and sneak into non participating classes like Reb3l Groove/Strength or MaddX… because in the words of Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers “I’ll fiiiiiind you” ?
  • 5. On the flip side, if you’re supposed to be in A-Town Funk but have found yourself fighting nausea trying to do your 7th turn across the floor, you’re definitely in the wrong class. Sit down, collect yourself and follow Lil Jon's voice…
  • 6. Only during Free Week are classes capped for space. Which means for our regulars, you may not get to dance in “your spot” and it also means people around you may not know how to dance in “one spot” - be aware of your surroundings, don’t crowd and remember you'll be back in your spot the following week. 
  • 7. B.Y.O.W - we sell bottle water for $1 cash (or $2 min with a card) and do not have a water fountain so if you’re not down with sticking your mouth under the sink (which ironically would be like drinking out of a water fountain since it's the same water source #surprise) make sure to bring your own!

Most importantly, during the week we’ll be running class card specials to keep you dancing! So whether you participate in the free week or not, everyone is eligible… all you do is WIN WIN WIN no matter what! And those who paid the registration fee, can apply it to any purchase made during the week! Including towards the first month of your already discounted membership! That’s right! Skip the class card and go straight to the membership and get even more cash off! You guys, can we be like best friends?

And lastly, the Do's and Dont’s of signing into class:

  • DO: Sign the sign-in sheet to each class YOU have signed up for
  • DON'T: Sign in your bestie who is running late because she's grabbing a Grande Mocha double whip light ice almond milk two pumps with a half pack of splenda Frap at Starbucks
  • DO: Print your name on the sign-in sheet
  • DON'T: Squiggle and dash 
  • DO: Use the iPad to check yourself into class
  • DON'T: Use the iPad to add yourself into class - please, give the front desk your name

Let's have a GREAT week!

XO, Paulina