(Alpharetta) Planting the seed

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes & Dreamers,

This past weekend 500 people witnessed what was, yet again, the most inspiring show in Atlanta. It's a simple formula. Pair 85 dancers, who dance solely because of the joy it brings them  -  with top professional choreographic talent, put them on a stage in front of an enthusiastic audience of friends and family, and voila! I try to prepare dancers for what awaits them when they first step into the theater because performing in our black box theater is like stepping into a wind tunnel. Dancers throw out energy and the audience responds in a reciprocal volley back and forth of emotional intensity.  This energy is confined within four walls, 2300 square feet, circling around like a whirlwind. It's like stepping into the eye of a tornado and everyone, I mean everyone present gets pulled in. It's an indescribable feeling and here's who experienced that this weekend... 

Representing Alpharetta, Rachel choreographed a stunning contemporary ballet piece that was simply mesmerizing. It embraced the audience and held it captive a as a trance-like hush came over the crowd... that is- until the end when the theater erupted in energetic applause.  Well done Kristy S., Jane S., An V., Sarah B., Arienne L., Skye B., Tye F., Rashawn B., Caroline C., Yewon H., Michelle H., Allison L. and Nicole T.  Recognize any of these names? Congratulate them!  They were truly inspiring and danced beautifully!

I know most of you reading this didn't get to see the show - and I'm sorry for that. Tickets went on sale Monday morning and we sold out in a few hours - just like the past 4 seasons - and each time I feel the pressure in my chest getting tighter and tighter. We need a bigger theater. When I arrive there's always a long line outside. These loving people wait up to 2 hours to get a good seat to watch a 30 minute show. It just kills me. This weekend, well, I just had to say something to the people in line. And when I did, the most magical thing happened: a gentleman pulled out his wallet, reached in and handed me everything he had: four $5 bills. He said: "Here... for your new theater. I know it's nothing, but take this."  I froze. And when I regained myself, I told him that it was not "nothing" - that it meant everything.

I'm not one to believe in jinxing things by speaking them out loud. Quite the contrary, I believe in the power of speaking one's heart, one's dreams. I'm convinced the more the universe hears something, the more likely the idea will take hold (hello, dance 101). We are going to build a theater. I'm telling you and I'm telling everybody. Plans are underway!

In the meantime, the show must go on!  Be on the lookout for an email from Paulina in the next week announcing the show line up for Fall. We are finalizing choreographers... stay tuned!

As Always,

Dance Alpharetta! Exercise Your Dream!