(atl) Summertime and the dancin' is easy #irbd11

Inside the studio with Paulina,

The air is warm, everything is yellow and the Performance Series is back! So clear your calendars July 20th, 21st & 22nd because you're going to be busy performing in our first ever Summer season of "I'd Rather Be Dancing!" And let me tell you, the line-up is fire!! Just watch this video from last season!

Pretty impressive right?! Just think, that could be YOU under those bright lights! Registration is $180 and runs the month of April with rehearsals beginning in May. Rehearsals run for 10 weeks and culminate in a 3 day performance weekend including a dress and tech rehearsal. The pieces range in levels so there's something for everyone! We also encourage you to be familiar with the choreographer's style (ie. take their class) before signing up for their piece.

So let's get to it shall we... 
  • 1. Advanced Tap with Lindsay
    Always a showstopper, great costumes. Girl power choreography but guys welcomed too ;-)
    Rehearsal: Sundays 1-2pm starting April 29th
  • 2. Contemporary Unplugged with Erick
    Dramatic and entertaining choreography that follows a storyline
    Rehearsal: Tuesdays 9-10pm starting May 1st, take his class beforehand (at 8pm) to warm-up
  • 3. Q It Up (hip hop) with Q
    For your inner Smooth Criminal... precise movement, slick footwork, expect to wear black ha.
    Rehearsal: Wednesdays 830-930pm starting May 2nd
  • 4. Pop Jazz with Peter
    The return of Britney... viva la Spears! Minimal technical elements, more focus on attitude and performance!
    Rehearsal: Thursdays 830-930pm starting May 3rd
  • 5. Serpentine (bellydance) with Erin
    If you think you're wearing too much jewelry, you're not wearing enough. Her tribe always look fierce.
    Rehearsal: Saturdays 1030-1130am starting May 5th
  • 6. Burlesque with Caitlin
    Crazy Horse comes to Atlanta, I just hope we have enough furniture for you all to dance on!
    Rehearsal: Saturdays 1-2pm starting May 5th
  • 7. Hip Hop 101 with JJ
    JJ's hip hop is stylized, groovy (not in the disco way don't worry ha) and West Coast cool!
    Rehearsal: Sundays 1-2pm starting May 6th
  • 8. House with LaMia
    Taking the club to the stage with a smooth hip hop groove to rhythm heavy electronic beats from the early 80s. Still not sure? Google it. It's dope.
    Rehearsal: Mondays 8-9pm starting May 7th
Did I paint a pretty picture of this show, or what?
Now it's time to choose your adventure... and choose wisely because you only get one - I know.. it's going to be tough but you can do it. Click HERE to sign up now or swing by the wall display at the studio! Registration ends May 1st.
XO, Paulina