(atl) Your newest obsession

Inside the studio with Paulina,

Save the airfare to NYC, the beating pulse of Jazz is coming to you!  Join us in welcoming Caitlin Gray to Atlanta and to dance 101!

One look at Caitlin Gray's dance resume will give any Jazz dancer ALL the FEELS. Her list of choreographic accomplishments (Stage, Film, TV) is pretty extensive -  as is the list of jazz dancers she's taught, coached and mentored during her 12 years on faculty at Broadway Dance Center and Steps in NYC. The big apple just lost a major talent (sorry NYC), but dance 101 Atlanta has gained a shining star (lucky us). 

Caitlin joins the schedule with 4 classes to start (more coming!), each class offering you the opportunity to work on your craft: cutting edge jazz choreography as well as technical training in her Turns, Jumps & Leaps class. If you are a serious Jazz dancer, you will thrive in these classes!

Turns, Jumps & Leaps (Beg/Int) Saturdays: 10:30-11:30am

This class will build upon Beginner Turns & Leaps (Tuesdays 7pm, debuting March 27, 2018) by incorporating more challenging sequences across-the-floor with Beg/Int level jumps, leaps and turns.  At this level of training, you will develop greater control, technical understanding and strength to not only help you execute more advanced skills, but to also do them safely.  This instructional class is perfect for dancers who are preparing for pro dance team and theatre auditions, as well as those of you who simply want  a few more tricks in your dance bag.  A great precursory class to her Jazz Roulette at 11:30am (ideally take them both), in Turns & Leaps, Caitlin uses the same proven teaching methods and drills she used to polish many great dancers during her 12 year teaching career in NYC. Turns & Leaps will train you to execute some pretty cool stuff!  Need a breakthrough? It's waiting for you on Saturday mornings at the 101!

Jazz Roulette (Beg/Int) Saturdays: 11:30-1pm

This class is called Jazz Roulette because of Caitlin's vast choreographic repertoire-- which includes every incarnation of Jazz imaginable: Commercial Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Broadway jazz and Burlesque... (Lyrical Jazz has its own class on Wednesdays 5:30pm). This 90 minute class includes a full technical warm-up and across-the-floor sequences before heading into the combination.  If you are a serious Jazz dancer, you will thrive in this class.

Lyrical Jazz: (Beginner) 5:30-6:30pm:

Experience how Caitlin combines the graceful lines of ballet with the musicality and expressiveness of jazz. Build and strengthen your technique under her expert direction...  Be carried away by the soulful voices of Ed Sheeran, Pink, Andra Day and Sara Bareilles (to name a few). Fall in love with the music, surrender to the movement and experience the joy of artistic expression. Dance what you feel. Come tell a story.

Jazz Roulette (Beginner) 6:30-7:30pm:

This 60 minute class includes an abbreviated warm-up, followed by 40 minutes of choreography (which will be repeated in Saturday's 90 min Jazz Roulette at 11:30am).  Get a leg up on Saturday's choreography.  If you are a serious Jazz dancer... oh boy, are you in for a treat.

Clear out your calendar to experience these extraordinary classes! Join us in welcoming this exceptional teaching talent to Atlanta and dance 101.  We are so excited to offer these opportunities to you and believe so strongly in how much you will benefit, grow and enjoy these classes that we are offering them to you FREE if you are on a membership or $15 to drop in*.  This special offer will continue through February 28th.  No excuses! Take the plunge! Dance! Grow! Thrive!

Exercise your dreams, Atlanta!