(ATL) Sweets, subs & goodbyes

Inside the studio with Paulina:

First order of business…. where my girl (scout cookies) at? When I went to school in Savannah, girl scout cookies were available all year round! And with access like that, those Thin Mints felt more like Thick (around the waist) Mints at the rate I ate them haha. So I must ask… I don’t Samoas you have a moment to Do-Si-Do your way over to the studio so I can Tagalong on your Thin Mint order?

::mic drop:: 

Mamma Mia, here Ricardo goes again! My my he’s bringing ABBA to life on the stage so he’s going to be a little busy.  In his place he has fellow actor and broadway badass… Amanda B. stepping in for him (pic inset) in On Broadway (Sunday 11th, 18th, 25th & March 4th at 12pm) to keep the momentum going. Take from Amanda so you’ll be ready for Ricardo’s next casting call.

Amanda graduated from Brenau with a BFA in Dance Performance and has appeared in local productions of A Chorus Line, Shrek the Musical, West Side Story and Chicago to name a few!

Skip the fancy dinner, the roses and heart shaped chocolates (ok, maybe bring those with you) and spend your Valentine’s day with us because on the 14th, we have something for everyone…

If you’re boo’d up there’s Barre & Baes (aka Ballet Barre Fit at 7:30pm for you and your bae-boo) with Lauren. Reasons to bring your boo thang:

  1. They’ll learn everyday words in a new language... tendu, releve, soutenu 
  2. They’ll understand why you cringe when you hear “sexy back” by JT #holypushups
  3. They’ll provide me with an hour’s worth of entertainment - Maybe keep this reason on the DL.

And most importantly, they’ll become BBF addicts (Looking at you John!)But if you’re ridin’ solo, all my single ladies put your hands up! Grab your heels, blow out your hair and get ready to get down and dirrrrty with your bad self in a 1.5 hour special edition of Heels with Evari 8:30-10pm. 

Ooooo-wee is it getting hot in here or am I standing too close to the space heater…

Lastly, it is with a HEAVY heart that I must announce… February 20th will be Ashley Allen’s last day at dance 101… I know, allllllll the ugly crying. For anyone who knows her, takes her classes, you can all agree she’s going to be missed. I mean, who else am I going to convince to go to the Claremont Lounge with me on a Tuesday? Or yell at the guy I was dating for not liking my haircut or tell me, hey I love dog-sitting Lola so much I went out and adopted a teddy bear that looks like a dog?! #backfire But alas, we wish her all the best and we’ll do what we can to cover her time slots because you know, there’s no replacing our Red Hot Ashley. Love ya girl!

XO - Paulina