(alpharetta) Warm thoughts on a cold muggy day!
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes & Dreamers,

'Tis the season! Although it hasn't quite hit me yet. My life trots along at its usual fast clip, it's December 6th already and still no tree with decorations in my house (although I did manage to get a wreath on our door at the studio - I'm giving myself points for that haha!). Happy Holidays, friends!

Winter is on its way! I can't think of a better way to get through this gray, cold season than with the experience of rehearsing for a Spring show. If that doesn't make the winter months fly by - nothing will! Believe me (or ask anyone who has performed in these shows) those 10 weeks go by FAST and before you know it, it's show weekend (March 23rd-25th). 

As you know, this month is open enrollment for I'd Rather Be Dancing Season 10 and I look forward to see who among you will represent us at the show. We are very excited to offer you another two wonderful experiences and I wanted to tell you more about what you can expect from these choreographers...

Meghan's piece will be a 3 minute soulful expression of physical poetry set to a beautiful piece of music. Although she only teaches an introductory level Contemporary on the Alpharetta schedule, her performance piece will be set upon the skill levels of her dancers. There is always a variety of levels in every piece. Choreographers anticipate this and will set movement accordingly. Advanced dancers perform more technical moves, beginner dancers less so. It all comes together seamlessly - if you've attended our shows you know what I mean.

Bene's Salsa piece will be a colorful, joyful ocean of moving bodies and fabric. Her past performance pieces have delighted audiences with her festive music and explosively vibrant choreography. For 3 minutes, dancers and audiences alike are transported to the islands which is JUST as awesome as actually being there! Bene's choreography is salsa based with a nod to it's Afro-Cuban roots. I keep wanting to say it's joyful because I can't think of a better word! Well actually, FUN would be another good word!

Exercise Your Dreams Alpharetta!