(ATL) IS there a better way to start 2018?
Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina:

I know what you all are thinking, didn't you JUST have a show?!! Yup! We move fast around these parts.

Registration for season 10... SEASON 10 (holy smokes!) of our show, I'd Rather Be Dancing kicks off today and if you've been following our Facebook page, the following announcement should be no surprise but exciting nonetheless! 

To my Performance Series newbies... the "PS" (because I am going to get too lazy typing out "performance series" ha) is a 10 week series of 1 hour rehearsals that culminate in 3(or 4) black box theater performances in Studio 2 at dance 101... Sounds crazy, I know... but trust me, we've made some serious magic happen in that space before. I mean... just look at some of these pictures (left) from the November show... yaaaaaaaas ladies! 

This season might be our most ambitious yet with a total of 9 pieces! 7 from Atlanta and 2 from Alpharetta - make sure you pay attention to where your pieces are rehearsing... driving OTP for an ITP rehearsal is not cute. Rehearsals kick off the week of January 1st (with the exception of Neeti and Kevin who will start the following week) and end mid March. Show weekend is Friday March 23rd, Saturday March 24th & Sunday March 25th with a possible 4th show depending on enrollment. All shows are at 8pm at dance 101 Atlanta. Registration is $180 and includes one piece of your choosing, all rehearsals (including dress & tech) and 2 complimentary tickets to the show of your choosing.

Click HERE to register - ONE PIECE PER PERSON.... ONE! UNO! EINS! Each piece must have no less than 10 registrations and no more than 20. Don't get caught on either side. This is a rare opportunity... the weeks go by fast but the memory lasts forever!

And if you'd like to keep reading about the PS, click HERE for even more info!

FUN FACT: The PS can be given as a gift too! Hit reply and let's taco bout it!

In closing...

I am writing to you from Nashville, while my sweet Lola is at home in Atlanta. I promise an epic photo of her in the next 101.

Paulina - out.