(alpharetta) What a weekend!
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes & Dreamers,

I know everyone is busy preparing for Thanksgiving, but can I tell you about the show last weekend??? I'd Rather be Dancing, Season 9 will go down in Dance 101 history as the most successful, craziest and most bizarre show everrrrrrr. 

The show itself was a spellbinding visual of emotional pieces, colorful costumes and goosebump performances. All three shows sold out to an enthusiastic and supportive crowd of family and friends. On the surface, the show was flawless. But backstage... um... was another story. We experienced a series of odd mishaps and recoveries that continued through the final performance and beyond..... But let me start with the show and our Alpharetta dancers (seen above).

Rhonda's Lyrical Contemporary opened the show with an ethereally captivating portrait of "Into The Ocean" by Blue October - beautifully danced by our Alpharetta Dance Company (as I affectionately now call them) seen above in blue. This group of dancers came together organically several shows ago, sealed a lifelong bond and have performed as a group at every show since. They really have come together like a dance company so now I'm off to find them more great choreographers so they continue performing. Congratulations Ladies! Gorgeous piece, Rhonda!

Rachel's Contemporary Ballet followed the opening number, further moving along the artistic theme set by Rhonda's piece. The audience witnessed a beautifully balanced ballet with a whimsical touch - watching it unfold in a mesmerizing sea of graceful burgundy silhouettes. I'm not sure anyone blinked for 3 minutes. The mama bear in me was so proud and so moved.

All said and done, the show was magnificent - all 8 pieces and 86 dancers. I admire and love you all so much!!! Thank you for your courage. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world.

And while all this wonderfulness was going on.... backstage happened.

We kicked off opening night with the bar table collapsing, sending wine everywhere. Fortunately, we repaired the table and said a prayer it'd hold for the weekend. I said it was an omen and I couldn't have been more en pointe (pun intended, my bad).

Following the opening night final bow, Kristina Bak, after dancing beautifully in Rachel's ballet piece, walks off the stage and tears her calf muscle. Walking! Off to the emergency room she went :-(. Rachel grabbed a costume out of nowhere and danced Kristina's part for the remaining shows. The following night, a hundred of us gathered in the pre-performance prayer circle to send healing energy to Kristina, wishing her a speedy recovery. It was a sad moment.

Also on Friday evening, one of the Bollywood dancers had her beautiful costume stolen from her car. Neeti had these gorgeous costumes handmade for her dancers and on a lark, something told her to make an extra! Can you believe that? What a recovery! (Side note: who would break a car window to steal an Indian costume?? Who does that?)

Saturday night rolls around to find Tay (who choreographed and danced in his "Fosse meets Hip Hop" piece), who while unloading show props from his car, slammed the trunk on his thumb. He had to unlock it to remove his thumb! Ugggggh! Writhing in agony in the studio reception (as guests were arriving), I grabbed Brooke McLean (dancer in Rachel's piece) from backstage (she's a nurse) to take a look. She asked me for something to splint the thumb. Frantically searching everywhere for a Popsicle stick (yeah, like what would have been the chances of finding one?), by a sheer act of God I found a thumb splint glove in the shoe closet. Whaaaa? Where did that come from? In the shoe closet? Brooke applied the splint and it fit perfectly. Tay had to sit out that evening's performance. He was inconsolable. I gave him a glass of wine and said a prayer of gratitude for that mysteriously appearing thumb splint.

Intermission on Saturday night arrives to the sound of the fire alarm, an ear piercing high pitched siren I was SURE would create a stampede with hundreds of people running for the door. But nobody moved. In a panic, I ran around the studio looking for a fire while Erik struggled to turn the siren off. Let me tell you - that siren was LOUD and nobody flinched (just me, apparently). People congratulating dancers, getting drinks at the bar... After, no joke, 5 minutes (an eternity) we were able to turn it off. Exhaling in a moment of relief.... hello two Brookhaven police cars urgently pulling up to our front door. "No, officers! False alarm! We're all safe! Yes, we're having a show....." I proceed to the bar and got a double wine. Apparently, someone looking for a light switch in the ladies bathroom (boy, they must have had to pee badly) flipped the fire alarm switch instead. Shaking my head.... But the show must go on!

Our Saturday night volunteer bartender, Jason, must have been tagged by the same wave of bizarre energy that engulfed the show last weekend. A producer and occasional cameraman for The Weather Channel (yep, you guess it), it's Jason you hear bleep bleep bleeping the Marta bus to move out from in front of his camera while filming the Georgia Dome implosion on Monday morning.

The video has gone viral and Jason's mug is all over the internet. All I can say is I'm happy we booked him before he became a celebrity....

Next week we will be announcing the line up for IRBD Spring, Season 10. Don't miss your chance. Our shows are... are... are... Who wants to perform? Haha!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!