(ATL) A proper thank you
Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina:

I wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge the beautiful people in the picture above… these are the choreographers that empowered 86 dancers this past weekend to create a show that inspired us all. To Tay, Emily, Rachel, Lauren, Lindsay, Neeti, Erin and (Rhonda not pictured) we are grateful for your hard work, patience and dedication to your dancers, to us, to the studio. In fact these shows are one of many reasons as to why dance 101 exists and while it takes us all a few days (okay weeks ha) to recuperate from the long weekend, it’s ALWAYS worth it. If you weren’t able to snag a ticket in time (all 3 shows sold out!), I encourage you to login to your instagram and search #irbd9 for a look into the show. 

In other news:

So whether you're looking to get out of meal prep or having to explain to your grandfather why you're eating a Tofurkey, we will be OPEN for the first half of the day tomorrow for your dancing needs. And let me tell you, it’s not going to be your average Wednesday… Fit Queen Ashleigh will activate your metabolism in Body Sculpt at 10:30am and then it’s up to you to choose your next fitness adventure at 11:30am… get to sweating those extra calories off in Club Vibe (dance fitness) with Kelly & Ally or tighten it up in Ballet Fit with Lauren. Just make sure you have enough energy to stay for Hip Hop Fit with D at 12:30pm. Stretchers will be available at the front desk to help you to your cars ;-)

Lastly, enjoy your Thanksgiving on Thursday and see you Friday!!

Paulina - out