(ATL) I really think you'll like this one
Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina:

Quote of the week: "oo-oo, are you working on the blog?! It doesn't matter what you're writing about, I just want to read it!" Well damn, Lisa F, thank you! Pretty sure you just upped my writing game... I actually have to think about being funny now. The struggle is real haha. Not to mention the amount of side eye Lola gives me when I run around chasing her with my phone to get the perfect photo each week ha.

Remember when I said I was going to highlight a class every week... I know, liar liar pants on fire. Truth is, there has not been a shortage of things to write about and even though you guys tell me how much you loooooooove my 101's - ain't nobody got time to read a novel on their lunch break. With that being said, I'd like to highlight TWO very different classes (very quickly) that I think you should take: 

Contemporary Forms with Porter
Porter, is an artist through and through who presents a class experience like no other. His class is not about technique, its about connection and a great reminder of your joy of dance. Just let your mind be free of thinking and let your body flow. It's truly special to have a class like this on the schedule. Experience it. You won't find another class like it. Sundays 2pm.

Dance Fitness with Jess & Ashley
This class is a beginner's dream, easy to follow choreo with repetition focused on getting your heart rate up and with a playlist so good you'll forget you've been doing burpees for 3 minutes. Not to mention, have you met Jess & Ashley? Talk about two cool chicks who encourage you to drop it low, sway those hips and shake that booty. Tuesdays 11:30am. Dance Fitness. Be there.

Schedule Notables:
MADDX is canceled Thursday Sept 28th & Oct 5th at 7:30pm and while D doesn't know (yet) that I am planning on sweet talking him into subbing, consider this your ADVANCED notice. 

For those of you who took Crystal's classes this past Saturday (Turns and Contemporary Jazz Funk), she's pretty amazing isn't she? Which is such a double sided sword in this business.. why? Well, because Crystal was booked for a gig (obviously) that's going to keep her from teaching this Saturday and may conflict with her schedule moving forward. Needless to say we are working on finding a solution so just know her classes are canceled in the mean time.

Tap is for everyone!

I really wanted to start this pitch with... just a few more days to save $25 on the Intro to Tap Workshop registration but then I had the PLEASURE of hearing dance 101 student, Chris S. tell me why she was registering for the workshop... She told me she saw the IG post announcing the workshop and thought of all the reasons why she shouldn't sign up... she's never tapped before, it interferes with her Saturday family time, she didn't want to look silly, she was going to miss one of the classes etc and then she realized, screw all that, I'm going to do this for ME!!! And sure enough, not only did she sign up for it, she also purchased the tap shoes. No sales pitch from me is going to get you to sign up but hopefully Chris' story will make you consider it that much more. 

The details:
-Class meets every Saturday 1-2pm, Sept 30th - Nov 4th
-Workshop is $175 (no class cards/memberships accepted).
EARLY BIRD RATE: register by Sept 25th and save $25! Click <here>
-If you need us to order your Tap shoes, please email info@dance101.orgDeadline is Sept 22nd
Allow one week for delivery! Rush orders carry increased shipping costs! Don't delay. Course tuition does not include Tap shoes.

There's still time to sign up for a Membership to get 1/2 off your first month!

In the last 101 I told you all the reasons why you should be on a membership and while I don't technically have anymore to add... I will say that when you're on a membership in addition to your sweet perks, you're also investing in the studio which indirectly keeps kibbles & bits in Lola's bowl and let's face it, that's VERY important haha.

In closing... 

Thank you for reading my 101's you guys are awesome!

Paulina - out.