(ATL) On Wednesday, we dance!
Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina:

When you have the power, you do the things! Design & Marketing, check. Respond to emails, check. Update the schedule, check. Drink a bottle of wine, check. Irma said you want a real day off? Girl, please. 

Good news is whether you have power or not, the studio definitely does! We will be OPEN tomorrow! So if that cabin fever is making you crazy, you know where you can dance it away. 

A September to reMEMBER!

I know, we are so clever around here ha.

So listen up for the month of September, if you sign up for a Monthly Membership, you'll get your first month half off! And that's not even the best part... Members get the lowest rate per class, 10% off all merchandise (just WAIT until you see the 101 brand apparel we have coming soon) and you get to bring your buddy for free! You share the love with those you love, you save money and you get to DANCE! So... how do you sign up? Hit reply with your membership choice (see options below) OR sign up in person. Either way, we got you!

5 Classes/Month: $65/month. 1st month: $32.50
10 Classes/Month: $110/month. 1st month: $55
Unlimited Classes/Month: $175/month. 1st month: $87.50

Allll the way from Dallas... Georgia....

We are super stoked to have Crystal Ahlberg join our Saturday line-up! She'll be taking over Leaps, Kicks and Turns (now at it's new time 11:30am) followed by her signature Contemporary Jazz Funk (12:30pm) - What do you get when you attach the expression of Contemporary to the stylized lines of Jazz, built upon a classical foundation.. and peppered with Hip Hop attitude? See it in action <here> and then sign up for it <here>

When the student becomes the teacher

We got your calls, we got your emails and we finally got our shizz together to present to you: Intro to Tap! A 6 Week absolute beginner tap workshop with Brad, who took his very first tap class at dance 101! 

Regardless of your previous experience, flexibility, or strength... you can tap. All you need is the basics to get you started. By the end of this 6 week workshop, you will have those basics and more! Tap is a series of rhythmic patterns, each with their own name.  In this course you’ll learn basic tap “vocabulary” and progress to more complex rhythms and exercises by the end.  Each class builds upon the prior week to introduce new step patterns and practice ones already learned.

Tap is an enjoyable workout for both your mind and body, and instructor Brad Dorfman—who also began tapping as an adult—will get you the experience you need to take on the next level of classes.

Steps and exercises will be available to students of this workshop in easy-to-access online videos each week.

Need tap shoes? We've got a great deal for you and can order them for you! Allow one week for delivery! Rush orders carry increased shipping costs! Don't delay. Course tuition does not include Tap shoes.

The details:
-Class meets every Saturday 1-2pm, Sept 30th - Nov 4th
-Workshop is $175 (no class cards/memberships accepted).
EARLY BIRD RATE: register by Sept 25th and save $25! Click <here>
-If you need us to order your Tap shoes, please email info@dance101.org Deadline is Sept 22nd. 

In closing... the only cone I had to worry about yesterday...

Paulina - out.