(ATL) Total eclipse of the (dance 101) heart
Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina:

My eclipse experience in 2 words... Space. Cadet. No, I didn't see one, I turned into one... from showing up to the studio in a panic yesterday morning because I couldn't find my studio key - only to find it a few hours later in the cup holder of my car (my bad Erik for making you roll out of bed and bail me out)… to trying to rinse out my very numb mouth post teeth cleaning and watching the water fly out of my mouth like a toddler with a garden hose (however you are picturing it is exactly how it went down ha)... needless to say it was quite a Moonday.

Familiar faces in familiar places

Amber is back on the schedule in not one, not two, but THREE classes! Tuesdays 7pm Ballet Basics, Saturdays 1130am Breathe & 1pm Leaps, Kicks & Turns. Yes, those classes were formally taught by Katrina but sadly we won't be seeing that Atomic Blonde until 2018. Girlfriend done busted that knee something fierce (I meeeean how important is your ACL, really?).  But don't worry, when she returns with that bionic knee she's going to be stronger than ever. We will miss her but you're in good hands with Amber who is super stoked to step in (teaching Leaps, Kicks & Turns is her jam!) so show her some of that dance 101 love. 

Tuesday nights, which is conveniently tonight, unplug with Erick who's 8pm contemporary class is now beginner friendly. Trust. This is a GREAT thing. Erick's style is the perfect way to wind down your day, not to mention his music is dope... he is a DJ after all. And now that his class is accessible to more than the advanced dancer, get into class… you’ll thank me later. 

Next up... Wednesdays… as some of you might know we offered a 30 minute version of Ashleigh’s Body Sculpt as part of our “lunch rush” but it turns out you all prefer a FULL hour of burn… girl, please. (just me? #lazy). So we have added a full hour of Body Sculpt Wednesdays at 10:30am starting yup, you guessed it… tomorrow (we move fast around here). Take Body Sculpt, followed by Shannon’s 1130 Dance Fitness and finish it with her 12:30pm Strengthen, Stretch and Roll and see how the rest of your day goes… hint: AWESOMELY.

Also new on the horizon Ofelia returns to the Saturday 9:30am slot for Jazz Funk Remixed.. wika wika scratch. Family secret: Erik and I are always hesitant to agree to her teaching any new classes especially after FINALLY getting her to agree to 3 dance free days off a week... you guys, you have no idea how big of accomplishment that was... almost as big as when she finishes writing her book! Which spoiler alert: based on what I've read so far is going to be really really good. No bias. #BookTour2018 

Lastly, about a week remains to sign up for the Performance Series and while I've given you time to sign up on your own, the pressure is on now. I've got pictures, I've got videos, I've got insider info... I've got it all and it's coming your way every day leading up to the deadline via our social media (Facebook & Instagram). But for now, because I've already exceeded my word count, I leave you with this... While sitting in the audience watching your fellow dance buddies perform is cute and all, sitting there wishing you had signed up and having the experience they are... isn't. SIGN UP. And if you don't know what I am talking about... click HERE. Please and thank you!

In closing... Sign up for the Performance Series, if not for me, if not for you... for Lola...

P - out.