(ATL) Shine bright like a diamond
Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina:

We're starting August off with a bang, because that's how we do!

Registration for the Fall Show, I'd Rather Be Dancing kicks off today and if you've been following our Facebook page, the following announcement should be no surprise but don't the banners look so pretty next to each other? :-) 

To my Performance Series newbies... the "PS" (because I am going to get too lazy typing out "performance series" ha) is a 10 week series of 1 hour rehearsals that culminate in 3(or 4) black box theater performances in Studio 2 at dance 101... Sounds crazy, I know... but trust me, we've made some serious magic happen in that space before. In the words of Bruno Mars... Don't believe me... Just watch.

This season features 6 pieces from Atlanta and 2 from Alpharetta - make sure you pay attention to where your pieces are rehearsing... driving OTP for an ITP rehearsal is not cute. Rehearsals kick off the week of September 4th and end the week of Novemberish (ugh, math). Show weekend is Friday November 17th, Saturday November 18th & Sunday November 19th. All shows are at 8pm with a possible Saturday matinee at 5pm. Registration is $180 and includes one piece of your choosing, all rehearsals (including dress & tech) and 2 complimentary tickets to the show of your choosing.

Sooo... have I tickled your fancy? Of course I have! Let's see who you'll be spending 10 weeks with...

Rehearsal info:


  • Inside Out (Beg/Int) with Lauren Wednesdays at 8:30pm starts 9/6
  • MV Funk (Beg/Int) with Tay Thursdays at 8:30pm starts 9/7
  • Bollywood (all levels) with Neeti Thursdays at 8:30pm starts 9/7
  • Serpentine (all levels) with Erin Saturdays at 10:30am starts 9/9
  • Jazz on Tap (Int/Adv) with Lindsay Sundays at 2pm starts 9/10
  • For the love of Jazz (Beg/Int) with Emily Sundays at 2pm starts 9/10


  • Contemporary Ballet (Beg/Int) with Rachel Sundays at 4pm starts 9/10
  • Lyrical Contemporary (Beg/Int) with Rhonda Tuesdays at 2pm starts 9/12

Click HERE to register - ONE PIECE PER PERSON.... ONE! UNO! EINS!

And if you'd like to keep reading about the PS, click HERE for even more info!

In closing...

The people have spoken, more pictures of Lola in the 101s. Challenge accepted. Stay tuned. 

Paulina - out.