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Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina:

Katrina update - As some of you already know, last Saturday Katrina demonstrated a turn in class that was so bad ass, her knee said “Girl, you cray” and dislocated itself when she landed. Luckily all her students in class rallied (because of course) and kept Katrina calm and comfortable until the ambulance arrived. It was a fun Saturday for sure. After several X-rays, it was concluded that it was a simple dislocation, so they popped her knee back in and told her to chill for a week - anyone who knows Katrina, or dancers in general, knows staying still isn’t easy but sometimes the Universe intervenes and reminds us that being chill AF is okay. So with that being said, we hope to see her back in class on Tuesday August 1st. In the mean time this Saturday, we have Tara subbing Ballet Barre Beautiful at 10:30am, David subbing Parallel 2nd at 11:30am and Leaps, Turns is canceled at 1pm. 

Speaking of this Saturday, just a friendly reminder that Ashleigh is on vacay in Mexico and you are not haha. But really, don’t forget her classes are canceled at 8:30am and 9:30am. She’s back at it on Monday July 31st. 

Also on Monday July 31st, we will be saying g’bye to the Pineapple as our membership sale comes to an end. Before you get mushy (like I’m pretty sure the inside of the pineapple is at this point #ew), take advantage of this great deal (50% off first month) and sign up for a membership. Here are a few more reasons why:

  • Three new teachers hitting the schedule in August (Hi Cody, Shannon & Katie!) adding more classes in dance fitness, jazz, stretch and ballet! 
  • Performance series registration is about to begin - trust me you want this experience and you want to be ready for it!
  • For all that you to do for others, do this for yourself - oh snap, shizzzz just got real.

And to tie it all together…

Now that you’re going to be dancing more (because you’re signing up for a membership #duh), it’s a great time to update your dance clothes… ALO’s activewear tucks, flatters & wows. And at 50% off you’re not going to get a better deal on good quality dance wear so skip the trip to Target, and treat yourself.  

Lastly, Porter. Did you guys take his class(es) this past weekend? Fun fact, I’ve been coordinating with him for what seems like all Summer to get his classes on the schedule so no wonder when the day finally came, there was some confusion as to what he was supposed to teach… That’s right Modern Man 101ers, I hope you enjoyed his Contemporary class… oops. But THIS Saturday at 2pm experience the REAL Modern Man and you know what, bring a friend new to the studio and they can take the class for free… #justsaying

In closing,

Did you know Pineapples smell sweeter the longer they sit out?

P - out