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Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina:

Nothing like all this rain in Atlanta to remind me that I was JUST in Portland this past weekend. Ah, wet, soggy nostalgia. And since I love sharing my travel recs with you... this one goes out to The Kennedy's School Detention bar... that's right... a bar in a former Detention... just imagine how much different The Breakfast Club would have been if they had access to Scotch. Would have been hard to forget about that... don't, don't, don't, you think? #simpleminds 

And because I am really good at tying my personal life with that of the studio (some would argue it's the same life ha)... how about that Atlanta to Portland time adjustment... wide awake at 6:30am? What does one do with all that time in the morning? If you’re (unlike me) the kind of person that wakes up that early and with this much energy... well then, we have some good news for you! 

We are excited ::cough not excited:: I mean, totally excited ::cough I'm not getting up that early but mad props to those of you that are:: excited to announce that this Saturday (6/17) Ashleigh will be teaching Dance Fitness at 8:30am followed by her Body Sculpt at 9:30am. But don't worry my fellow late sleepers, this is only an experiment... Ashleigh will be returning to the 11:30am time slot the following Saturday - unless of course you pack out her 8:30am class in which case... good luck with that Erik haha. 

And speaking of Dance Fitness & Body Sculpt, we have adjusted the LunchRush Schedule (with Ashleigh) to Mondays & Thursdays only... 11:30am Dance Fitness followed by a 35 minute Tone & Sculpt... consider it a 1.5 hour slam, bam thank you ma’am lunch workout. This starts this coming Monday and don't worry Rebecca (Locke) I'll be in there with you Dance Fitnessing my Tone & Sculpt... you with me?!
Lastly, just a quick sub announcement before we get to our latest Pop Ups... tonight we have a VERY special sub for Hip Hop Flow at 7:30pm... but we can't tell you who, only that he's never taught at the 101 despite my borderline stalkish telephone behavior... all I can think is he must have changed his number and didn't realize who was asking to teach ha... #newphonewhodis TRUST ME, this is a sub not to miss and now that he has my number stored, it may not happen again haha so get into class!

Not JUST a fun name...

Spank, Shuffle and Roll! 
A Beginner Tap *POP UP* this Saturday June 17th, 1pm with new Atlanta transplant Alexis!

This class is for those of you who can spank, dig, brush, leap, toe drop, heel drop, hop, scuff, flap, and shuffle - even if just barely! Ideal for beginner tappers who have completed an introductory course and are hungry for more, this class will work on these basic steps, add some spit shine and then slowly teach you more. Great instructional class! If you are seriously committed to developing awesome tap skills, put this into your google calendar this Saturday. Tell the front desk what you think as this might become a regular class on the schedule!

For one night only... one night only...

You know Liz can't visit Atlanta without coming to see us! Come dance with her this Tuesday June 20th for 60/40 (Int Contemporary jazz) at 8pm!

This is contemporary movement for jazz dancers, a beautiful hybrid of two very different genres. This class is for anyone who loves the athleticism of jazz combined with a lyrical flow. When you experience them together, it feels natural... but new. Sometimes soulful, sometimes old school, sometimes indie and sometimes pop - but always powerful and expressive. 30 minute center warmup/technique, followed by 30 minute combination. 

In closing... I just wanted to thank you for getting to this part of my email. You can now return to your regularly scheduled day. 

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.