(alpharetta) Your Wonder Woman Tiara
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes and Dreamers!

As many of you already know, I recently celebrated a big birthday. Not big as in party big, but as in number big. I turned 60! and I couldn't be happier about it. Not one to say "of a certain age" or that I'm "plenty nine", I embrace my age with a tremendous sense of pride of accomplishment and gratitude. I made it.

And look at me! I'm not entering into my golden years... give me my sword!  My determination has not faded nor slowed down, rather it's picked up speed because I've been around the block enough to know when purpose is gearing up not down. It's taken me 6 decades to learn how to differentiate the small stuff from the big, the pot holes from the craters - and while I still will make mistakes, I can more gracefully chasse around the landmines of life than in my youth (when I used to step on them continuously ha! - but that's how we learn, right?). 

An overnight epiphany 60 years in the making, I get it. I confront life's twists and turns with a deeper philosophical and spiritual appreciation of why those landmines are placed on my path. At a time when some people begin to define themselves by what they no longer look like or can do physically, I forge ahead with renewed strength and confidence, choosing to define myself not by what I am no longer... but by what I have now become. From caterpillar to butterfly to the phoenix rising. I'm not done yet!

This is my Wonder Woman necklace... a beautiful and deeply meaningful gift from ya'll (thank you Ruby Mason for picking it out - girlfriend, you SO have my number!). Don't worry you'll see it - as it has become attached to my body. This gorgeous piece of silver carries tremendous significance - not only for me - but my hope for you as well. When you see me wear it, be reminded of your own power, wisdom, beauty and eternal youth as I myself am reminded. Age is an attitude. Keep moving your body and it will be strong. Aches, pain, illness knows no age. Take care of yourself. Dust off your Wonder Woman tiara and put the damn thing on!

This Thursday (tomorrow) we have two pop up classes for you: Raise the Barre with Rachel at 5:30pm and From the Ground Up with Luke at 7:30pm (Serpentine is at 6:30pm as usual). Shana is out the remainder of this week and we had to cancel Power Barre and Vegas Jazz. But look at what we've got going on! Come spend some time in these beautiful classes (and congratulate Rachel and Luke on their engagement!)!

Power Barre and Vegas Jazz are also cancelled on Saturday morning 9:30am and 10:30am respectively. Sleep in on Saturday and we'll see you in Hip Hop Shakedown with Tanya at 11:30am!

And of course I'm saving this for last and thinking about putting it in really really fine print....um... Kevin Maddox is out next week so MaddXpressions is cancelled on Wednesday June 21st ::cringe:: ::duck::.  But hey, he's going to Florida for a week of sun and that's wonderful news. We will not be getting a sub for his class but rather I'm working on putting in a pop up master class... just a teaser for now - more on that later!

Last call for Rachel's Pointe Workshop!  Registration ends TOMORROW, June 15th and we only have a few slots available. Click here to register. 

As Always,

Do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life!

Exercise Your Dreams, Alpharetta!