(ATL) When you say Holiday, we say Dance! Holiday, Dance! Holiday, Dance!
Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina:

The pool can wait, the hotdogs can simmer on the grill a little longer, you have dancing to do and with a schedule looking as fine as this, we know it'll be hard to resist... especially From The Ground Up with Luke - I can't WAIT for someone to ask Erik to explain "post modern contemporary" ::grabs popcorn:: 


  • -Dance Fitness with Ashleigh
  • -Jazz Funk Remixed (Beg) with Ofelia


  • -Body Sculpt with Ashleigh
  • -Dancer’s Stretch with Ofelia
  • -Barre Fit with Lauren
  • -Jazz Cabaret (Beg) with Beth


  • -Barre & Stretch (Beg/Int) with Beth
  • -MADD-X with Kevin
  • -Inside Out (Beg/Int) with Lauren
  • -Cardio Pop Jazz (Beg) with Cayla


  • -ACT II: Contemporary Ballet with Rachel
  • -From The Ground Up (Beg post Mod contemporary) with Luke
  • -J-Roc (Beg/Int hip hop) with Jared
  • -Stretch with Lauren

Well since you've made it this far, might as well go ahead and sign up now so you can get down with your bad self. Plus we are expecting to be busy so probably a good idea to reserve your spot now.. click HERE

NOTE: Studio will close at 1:30pm and reopen Tuesday May 30th with our normal schedule! Which means, all Monday night classes will be canceled.

In closing... I just wanted to thank you for getting to this part of my email. You can now return to your regularly scheduled day. 

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.