(alpharetta) dance 101 welcomes a globetrotter (in more ways than one)
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes and Dreamers!

Please extend a very warm welcome to Shana Henning! Get to know her, she's awesome!

Fun fact: Shana was once part of a traveling basketball dunking team - called the Orland Magic Dunking Dancers. These were ballerinas who were trained to bounce on a mini tramp and dunk the basketball in dancer poses. It became such a crowd pleaser that the troupe was featured on ESPN and toured Indonesia, Singapore - throughout Asia and locally around the states. Shana's trademark move was an aerial front flip over another dancer, gaining control of the ball and throwing it against the backboard for another dancer to dunk it into the net. If not for this photo, I wouldn't have believed her... 

Ask her about it when you see her at the front desk on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings! Or better yet, experience her infectious and fun loving spirit in her two new classes on the schedule - debuting tomorrow: Power Barre 5:30pm (get that dancer's bod) and Vegas Jazz 7:30pm (burn calories showgirl style). If you ask her, maybe she'll throw in some basketball dunking tips while you're working your plies.

In Studio News

We will be closed on Mother's Day! Taking the day off - my kids have plans for me! Wishing all of you a wonderful day as well... Happy Mother's Day!!!

You'll miss Luke on Sunday (Mother's Day), but no worries! Join him in his new time slot - "From The Ground Up" on Mondays 2-3pm, debuting May 15th.  This is a wonderfully glorious contemporary movement class that relaxes then gently energizes you. Very popular among people who want to move and exercise but don't enjoy high intensity workouts.  A great compliment to Catherine's Welcome to Barre & Stretch on Wednesdays.  Give a try!

As always, do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life!

Exercise your dreams, Alpharetta!