(atl) we can't stop, won't stop so you can't stop, won't stop
Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina:

Studio 2? Is that you?!

Tomorrow night, 70 dancers will perform under these lights in front of an audience of about 150 people... each one cheering them on louder and louder... Will you be one of those noise makers? A handful of tickets are still available for the Friday & Sunday night show but tickets will not be sold at the door so consider this your warning, I mean friendly reminder ;-) Tickets are $10, click HERE

We move fast around here... 

Join Shana this Saturday 4/29 at 11:30am for a Power Barre Pop up!

More than a play on words (you'll want a power bar to help you through the hour :), science meets the arts in this fusion class which blends the artistry of ballet barre with isometrics to reap the benefits of bodyweight exercise (creating lean versus bulky muscle mass). Firm and tighten as you flow gracefully from one exercise to another. Hit all the right areas: core, glutes and legs. And abs, abs and more abs! This gentle but intense barre workout creates muscular strength and definition and is a perfect compliment for dancers (and non-dancers) of all ilks. Sing along to your favorite artists: Beyonce, Gaga, Fergie and Janet as you power through this amazingly effective ballet barre technology.

Guest sub! Help us in welcoming Jarrieth to the 101 this Saturday April 29th at 11:30am as he steps in for Jared in J-Roc. Jarrieth is new to the studio so jam out with him then let the front desk know your thoughts... his 101 fate rests in your hands mwah ha ha ha.

Apollo is in the studio this Sunday only!! Don't miss out on this just announced SMASH pop up!!! 

Join Apollo as he reprises one of his most popular classes: an hour of hard hitting, floor blazing hip hop/jazz that is about to be all types of insane in every way!!! Throw down. Dance hard. No regrets. If you ever wanted to know how it would feel to perform behind your favorite artist on stage or even in a video as a backup dancer this is your chance. We’re pushin’ the envelop with innovative choreography and when it’s all over you can say, you just SMASH’D It!

Lastly, I totally spaced and forgot to mention that David has joined the Atlanta squad Saturdays at 1pm for Balletronic followed by 2pm JazzFunk! My b, David! This girl is busy! But now everyone knows so I feel good about it... we cool? ;-)

Balletronic: Basic ballet class as if you were at a RAVE. What? Progressive, edgy and rebellious.

JazzFunk: This is a dance spoken in the language of jazz and hip hop - if you can imagine that... A blend of styles as eclectic as the music.

Phew! You made it to the end! Until next time...

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.