(alpharetta) A fantastic show, a new class and the return of Kevin
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes and Dreamers!

Short and sweet.... we're in show mode over here.  Have you gotten your tickets? Saturday is old out , but Friday and Sunday shows are still available! $10 for an unforgettable experience (and inspiration?).  All shows at 8pm, doors open at 7pm. Donation Bar.  Grab your dance bestie and make it a date!  400 south is clear, exit I-85 North (and you'll miss the bridge construction). I make this drive twice a week. 25 minutes. Almost half the dancers in the show are from Alpharetta! Come support them!  Click <here> to purchase and we'll hold your tickets at will call. See you there! 

All perky and rested from his staycation, he's coming back strong! Join me in showing him some welcome back love on May 3rd 7:30pm!  Many thanks to Ashleigh Hughes and all you dancers who supported her subbing MaddXpressions this month! Big shoes to fill and she did an awesome job! Be sure to catch her on Tuesdays 7:30pm as usual!

Strengthen & Stretch (All Levels), taught by yours truly, debuts May 3rd, 6:30pm before MaddXpressions. This hybrid class has a conditioning component (abs, glutes, legs, arms) as well as a glorious stretch (hip openers, hamstrings, straddle stretches, guads, spine.... we hit EVERYTHING) and is the perfect "bridge" between Jazz Funk and MaddXpressions. Try this class for free on May 3rd. Reserve your spot <here>

Don't let the name fool you, this is a beautiful class. Sandwiched between two cardio intensive dance classes, this class is the perfect "bridge".  It's a great cool down from Jazz Funk at 5:30pm (increase your flexibility by stretching those already warm muscles) OR a fantastic companion warm up stretch and conditioning for the class that follows it (MaddXpressions, 7:30pm). Even as a stand alone class, this flowing, moving stretch begins with a short warm up, then moves into a solid 25 minute conditioning segment (arms, legs, abs and glutes) and finishes out the hour with beautiful flowing yoga and dance stretch sequences that flow together like a moving dancer's prayer. Driven by an inspiring playlist (in dance, it's all about the music, right?), this is a great class for dance 101 newcomers!  No experience necessary! Conceived and lovingly taught by Ofelia de La Valette.

As always, do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life!

Exercise your dreams, Alpharetta (and come to the show this weekend!)