(atl) Now, now watch me break it down like...
Posted by Paulina

The #1 question I have been asked all week... "have you recovered from the (show) weekend yet?" Let's just say I spent most of Monday walking around the studio with only 1 shoe on because I misplaced the other, I spent yesterday aimlessly walking in and out of the office wondering what I was looking for... and well today, I walked out of the house without Lola (studio pup)... batting a 1000 people ha. 

But in all honesty, the weekend was a great success! 3 sold out shows, 3 great crowds, 6 incredible pieces  choreographed by 5 incredible creatives and a team of volunteers helping it to all run smoothly. If you missed the experience of participating or the chance to support your fellow dancers, I have some crazy news... we are already planning for (our first ever) Summer show... all details will be announced on Monday :::breathes into paper bag::: 

Until then, let's get to it with today's announcements...

With the 85 bridge nearing completion (side bar: have you seen this time lapse video?) it's time to get back to the studio! So here's a little nudge nudge to get you ready! Enjoy 10 classes at the low rate of $150 (a $25 savings)! Sale ends Sunday May 7th but why wait? Get it! Get it! Click HERE!

Achieve the flexibility of a dancer every Saturday morning with Ofelia!
*Registration closes Friday, first class is May 6th*
A very popular workshop among dancers and yogis alike, this 8 week, 16 class experience is led by Ofelia de La Valette, who created and perfected the Dancer's Stretch Method 17 years ago with over 5000 hours of research, training and development. This innovative stretch method has a proven track record in accelerating flexibility, as well as injury recovery and prevention. The Dancer's Stretch is a unique blend of yoga, floor barre and pilates, presented as choreography - against a backdrop of thoughtfully chosen music (which matches the movement). 

Sounds rad, right? Read more about it HERE or just go ahead and enroll now by clicking HERE

  • -Day/Time: Saturdays mornings at 9:30am - 11:30amMay 6th - June 24th (1st hour is education, 2nd hour is practice)
  • -Registration: $250 for Members (must sign into account to see this rate) and $500 for Non-Members 20 max participants, registration closes May 5th!

Saturdays looking fresh!

This beg/Int* class works on Parallel pirouettes (single, double, triple), inside and outside, forced arch turns, coupe turns, soutenu turns, pique turns, pique into arabesque turns, chaine turns, fouetté turns, a la seconde turns (turns leg in second), Italian turns, pencil turns, kicks (battement and developpe), layouts, fan kicks, leaps/side leaps, axles, Italian jumps, Saut de basque, calypsos and fan jumps. Any questions? See you in class! Taught by Katrina Beek. *This is not an introductory class. You must be a solid Beginner level dancer with a least a few years of dance training under your belt.

Hip Hop Groove (Beginner) with LaMia
NEW to Saturdays at 2pm! Also, Mondays at 6pm

Groove is in the heart. Keep it moving and grooving in this soulful beginner level hip hop class. Sink your teeth into some serious hip hop funk and groove to the sounds of Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot, Jennifer Hudson & more! This is the new old school - when hip hop was more about nailing the groove - above all else. You'll love the music in this class, you'll love the movement and you will adore LaMia, our latest addition to the dance 101 family.

Phew! You made it to the end! Until next time...

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.