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With only 3 days until opening night and one night already sold out, the studio is the place to be this weekend for our Spring show, I'd Rather Be Dancing featuring choreography by Monica, David, Ashley, Rachel and Emily! Production by Erik (on lights), Lauren (on "press play" duty), Ofelia (backstage), myself (emcee & bartender) and all the wonderful volunteers we are so grateful to have help us out!

And in honor of the 6 featured pieces, here are 6 great reasons why you need to see the show: 

1. The show is under an hour long - no 4 hour Nutcracker here
2. The entire cast will perform in Monica's piece, and I mean the ENTIRE cast
3. Thread as a performance piece - you've never seen Tai Chi like this
4. Studio 2 transforms into a legit theater... lights, sound, seating... see it to believe it
5. One of Rachel's dancers wrote the beautiful poem featured in her piece #multitasking
6. There's a donation bar with local craft beer, the good boxed wine & a familiar face to make you feel less guilty about your 3rd trip to the bar... all for a good cause, right? ;-)

So come see what your fellow dancers have been up to these past 10 weeks! Click HERE to purchase tickets for either Friday (4/28) or Sunday (4/30), both shows are at 8pm at dance 101. Saturday is already sold out, so don't hesitate, tickets will not be available at the door. $10/ticket.

Hip Hop you don't stop!

Kevin M returns in MADD-X May 6th at 10:30am. We know you've missed him so make sure to welcome him home on the 6th! In the meantime, catch D.Norris & Ashleigh over the next 1.5 weeks as they continue to throw it down.

Hip Hop Burn (all levels):
Tuesdays at 8pm with Memorie

Dance your way to a more fit body! Burn off calories and stress with classic conditioning exercises interwoven between fun, easy to follow hip hop dance moves while listening to new and old school hip hop songs. This class will help you tone muscles, shed pounds, increase stamina, achieve a full body workout, and HAVE FUN all while dancing!

Hip Hop Groove (beginner):
Mondays at 6pm with LaMia

Groove is in the heart. Keep it moving and grooving in this soulful beginner level hip hop class. Sink your teeth into some serious hip hop funk and groove to the sounds of Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot, Jennifer Hudson & more! This is the new old school - when hip hop was more about nailing the groove - above all else. You'll love the music in this class, you'll love the movement and you will adore LaMia, our latest addition to the dance 101 family.

*Try her class for FREE on May 1st, sign in <here>

A lunch rush you can get down with starting May 1st
Did you know a 35 minute workout is proven to be just as effective (if not more) than a 60 minute workout? Well, we are putting the study to the test with the debut of our Lunch Rush classes... 35 minutes of Interval training in Tone & Sculpt (Mon/Wed) and 35 minutes of explosive cardio in Turbo Dance Fitness (Tues/Thurs) both taught by our fitness rockstar Ashleigh. Scheduled right at lunchtime for that perfect, lunch hour escape. 

Tone & Sculpt with Ashleigh:
Mondays & Wednesdays 12:30-1:05pm 

Looking to get fit without sacrificing your evening chill time? This musically inspired Tone & Sculpt turbo class is the perfect lunch hour rush. Don't let the 35 minute format mislead you, this intensive class packs an hour's worth of great conditioning in half the time. Every minute counts and none to waste... Define and sculpt lean muscles, focusing on arms, core and glutes (all the right places!). Using body resistance and light weights, each song is choreographed to target and fatigue a particular area. Never a dull moment, our killer playlist will inspire you along. Too busy to get a workout in? Need a midday break to disconnect from work and focus inward? Pack a healthy lunch and watch the calories burn. This is the new Lunch Rush!

Turbo Dance Fitness with Ashleigh:
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:30-1:05pm

Ditch your regular lunch plans and spend your break burning calories instead of adding them on. That's just one of the many benefits of this 35 minute cardio dance class. Here are a few others: 1. Rev up your metabolism - scorch that sandwich! 2. The combination of fat burning cardio and a lighter lunch will create as much as (or more than) a 500 calorie deficit (watch that weigh melt away). 3. Inserting a workout in the middle of the day will energize you for the afternoon (say buh bye to the afternoon drag). 4. Having a stressful day? Disconnect from it - take a break! Work off the stress and return to your day in a great mood. 5. Save your evenings for chill time! Join Ashleigh Hughes and her killer great playlist in this awesome class. Only Ashleigh knows how to make a workout feel like a party and how to squeeze an hour workout into half the time. This is the new Lunch Rush!

Special Lunch Rush pricing options: (class cards & membership accepted)
-$15 drop-in click <here>
-10 Lunch Rush classes*: $140 with a 6 mo. expiration click <here>
(*NOTE: these pricing options are not accepted for 1 hour classes)

In closing... I just wanted to thank you for getting to this part of my email. You can now return to your regularly scheduled day. 

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