(alpharetta) These dance 101 chills are multiplying
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes and Dreamers!

Lot's going on at the 101. Lake house, beach house invitations happily considered... who needs a vacation? Me, Me, Me!

Two things generally happen in the weeks leading up to our studio performance showcase (I'd Rather Be Dancing) which is next weekend April 28-30th and they are: 1. Paulina, Erik and I forfeit our days off to work double shifts and 2. we fantasize (but mostly whine) about needing a vacation. Sooo many details, so many moving parts, so much to organize, so much to do! And then something really magical happens. We'll get a taste of it at dress rehearsal tomorrow and experience it all three shows next weekend: GOOSEBUMPS. 

Twice a year we get an "in-our-face" reminder of the beauty and the spirit of dance 101 (and why we need to get out of bed in the mornings). I can't explain to you how it makes us feel to see you all in costume, dancing in synchronicity -  the labor of 10 weeks and many hours of rehearsal.  To see the joy, the expression on your faces, the talent that is so abundant among you and nurtured by the studio, the excitement of what's ahead... I usually go to my car afterwards and have a happy cry.  We feel so honored, so privileged - by such a surprise twist of fate - to be the caretakers of this amazing place that brings so much happiness and opportunity to so many. At that point, we forget about needing a vacation.

Twice a year for one weekend and three shows, we transform.  Erik logs out of Quickbooks and becomes a show lighting technician, Paulina closes her laptop and becomes an emcee and bartender (and sometimes at the same time), I go back to the Mothership to manage backstage and a dozen volunteers set up and break down our black box theater in studio 2 all while YOU take center stage as dancers in a beautiful production. Dance 101 takes flight! Ladies and Gentlemen: It's Shooooowtime!

Show tickets sell out fast! Be sure to jump on it when you get the "purchase tickets" email next Monday. Check out the event <here>. 8pm showtime all 3 evenings, general seating, doors open at 7pm. Donation bar (benefiting Monica Noble) with wine and beer. 15 minute intermission.

In other studio news:

Be sure to give David a nice send off this Saturday, his last day in Alpharetta. He's transferring to the Atlanta schedule on Saturdays beginning April 29. We hate to lose him up here, but logistics are making this a necessary change.  The silver lining is he's going out with a grand slam: Thread 9:30am, Jazz Funk 10:30am and BpM 11:30am (Tanya's out). His Saturday Atlanta schedule will be 1pm Balletronic (his awesome version of a barre class) and 2pm Jazz Funk (in case you want to make the drive...). We do not (yet) have replacement classes for his vacancy on Saturdays. I'm working on it! Suggestions? Hit reply!

I'm very excited to tell you that Rhonda Henriksen will be subbing my Tuesday Jazz 101 at 6:30pm.  PLEASE experience her. I hate to miss class with you, but I will be with fellow dance 101ers (who you may know) Leah Fairman and Stefanie Diaz at W.O.E (Women Only Entrepreneurs) at the Wimbish house downtown. Stefanie is hosting this visionary event, Leah is leading the opening affirmations and I am guest speaker. Tickets are still available, click <here>.

In Social Media news:

I sent Paulina to a Social Media Workshop a few weeks ago and one of the first things she said to me was, "mom, we have to merge our Facebook pages... ain't nobody got time to update two pages for the same brand" (direct quote). So by the end of the month our Alpharetta page will be deactivated and all posts will appear on our main Dance 101 page. In fact, go ahead and like that page now... click HERE

As always,

Do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life!

Exercise your dreams, Alpharetta!