(ALPHARETTA) dance 101: The Culture of Cool
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes and Dreamers!

Gotcha! Like how I did that? Nothing like a catchy subject line to trick you into reading what I really want to talk about... which is commitment (un-catchy subject line): a word that triggers avoidance in some people. Not ya'll though, because as dancers we live the fruits of commitment. That's how we've become the dancers that we are. Sorry, there's no dance gene, no pill, no program to download. Dancers are made. And they're made from the inside out - the greatest among them leaping from their hearts... which is the grandest jete of them all.

I believe commitment is the single most powerful concept that governs the quality of our lives. Truth is: whatever we are committed to constructs the fabric of our lives. If you take inventory of everything that makes up your reality, sure enough it's everything (good and bad) you've committed to having. It's so simple. And yet, so hard at times. And tricky! Commitment is constantly happening - even in avoidance of it - because if you avoid commitment your are inescapably committing to avoidance. As they say, indecisiveness is a decision. There is no thing as doing nothing, as the act of doing nothing is doing something. Where am I going with this? You wonder. (Ok I'm wondering too, I think I'm spiraling off the subject....). Anyway... 

I feel so much love for all of you. My heart is so full because of you - every one of your beautiful faces and souls that walk into my life day in and day out.  I'd really like to greet you with "I love you" when you come in for class.. but that would be... um,  a little weird. But I think it.  I think about your life, what you have to juggle, the effort you have to make to squeeze in your dance class (before you drive 2.5 hours at 8:30pm to make a business meeting out of state- looking at you, Trina), or to drive in from your lake house in S. Carolina to teach a class, then turn around and drive back (looking at you, Rhonda). THAT'S commitment! As is MY commitment to having dance 101 and all of you in my life.

So here's my point. Dancers are among the luckiest and therefore the coolest people around. We have a very special something that keeps giving and giving to us - because we are committed to having it. Take a moment to deeply breathe gratitude for the dancer you inside, for all that dance has given to you, for your dance family, for your beloved teachers and for the commitment you and others have made to having this and therefore being this.

I can't think of anything cooler than being a dancer. Dance IS a culture of cool. While you could be slogging it out on a treadmill, instead you are a moving piece in an artistic creation (with the same, if not greater, fitness benefit). If that's not the coolest thing, I don't know what is. So there. Subject line validated!

In Studio News this week:

Katrina is out on vacation this week! I'll be teaching a POP Up Thread in place of her Wednesday 6:30pm this week and next. Join me on a magic carpet ride with a killer playlist and my own expression of this Tai-chi meets dance concept class.  Ashley Allen is subbing Discover Contemporary on Thursday 7:30pm. What a treat! Ashley's choreography is a bit less athletic than Katrina's, but you'll love dancing to the story line in this beautiful class. Note: Ballet Barre Beautiful has been cancelled on Thursday 5:30pm. Insert sad face here. Unfortunately we couldn't find a sub!

David's back! Join him in Thread 9:30am and Jazz Funk 10:30am this Saturday. Jenna's out - visiting her family over the Easter weekend. She returns next weekend for all three of her fabulous classes!

And lastly, we are CLOSED on Easter Sunday. Happy Easter, everyone!

As always,

Do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life!
Exercise Your Dreams, Alpharetta!