(ATL) We can dance, we can dance everybody's takin' the chance
Posted by Paulina

While Spring break for most of you ended yesterday, we now have the upcoming Easter holiday to get ready for. And for me that means, where my peeps at? Cheesy or not, you know you laughed #punsarefun

Speaking of Spring Break, yay all the teachers are back this week! David returns in BpM tomorrow so expect him fully refreshed and ready to make you dance till you bleed... ok, maybe not bleed, actually you know what, definitely do not bleed #ew. Shana returns to her Wednesday AM post (more details below) and Jared is back in both of his classes (tomorrow King of Hearts at 6pm & Saturday's J-Roc at 11:30am). The gang is all here, they're just waiting on you and your peeps. #sorrynotsorry

Reminder: We are CLOSED on Easter (Sunday April 16th).

Save the date to meet the Ladybosses of Atl featuring our own Ladyboss!

The inspiration behind this event is Ellen meets Oprah for Atlanta's fabulous ladybosses. We're going to have music, champagne, dancing, a soul-level interview, and more. Be sure to tell everyone you know!

The Eventbrite link is http://woeatl.eventbrite.com/.

Put in the work, then make it werk ;-)

Two "new" classes with Ashley hit the schedule starting tomorrow! That's right, we move fast around here! Get your post work, work out (say that 3 times fast ha!) in Body Sculpt then stay for Red Hot and get down with your bad self. Tuesdays never looked so good!

Body Sculpt:
Tuesdays at 5pm

Body Sculpt is a mix of Pilates, Bootcamp, and HIIT Training -- translation: this class is NOT for anyone who wants a few easy reps. And it's NOT for anyone who doesn't give 100% (or as the cool kids call it "hundo P" - I swear, look it up) to their workout. This 60-minute class will stretch, tone, strengthen, and burn off some work steam. You will leave this class feeling leaner, stronger, exhausted, energized, and accomplished. Bring your mat, towel and water. You'll need it!

Red Hot Jazz:
Tuesdays at 6pm & Wednesdays at 6:30pm

This is Vegas, Baby! (But without the fishnets and stilettos). Sensuous, sassy and feminine, this is showgirl jazz, Beyoncé style. Experience a true and traditional jazz class with an abbreviated warm up, followed by across the floor practice steps, then 40 minutes of non-stop jazz choreography with attitude! Build confidence in yourself and in your own style of movement. Unleash your inner vixen to the sounds of Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and Neyo. Don't sit in rush hour traffic, transport yourself to the strip (Las Vegas Blvd) it's the most fun fantasy you'll have all week!

Getting you over the hump, one class at a time!

I know what you're going to say... man, you sure talk about Shana and her classes a lot... and you know what, damn straight I do! You would too if you took them, so clear your sched because these classes are totally worth playing hooky for! 

Power Barre:
Wednesdays at 10:30am
More than a play on words (you'll want a power bar to help you through the hour :), science meets the arts in this fusion class which blends the artistry of ballet barre with isometrics to reap the benefits of bodyweight exercise (creating lean versus bulky muscle mass). Firm and tighten as you flow gracefully from one exercise to another. Hit all the right areas: core, glutes and legs. And abs, abs and more abs! This gentle but intense barre workout creates muscular strength and definition and is a perfect compliment for dancers (and non-dancers) of all ilks. Sing along to your favorite artists: Beyonce, Gaga, Fergie and Janet as you power through this amazingly effective ballet barre technology.

Cardio Jazz:
Wednesdays at 11:30am
Is it possible to learn technique while getting an intense cardio session in? It is in Cardio Jazz! Shana creates a sassy, fun class that combines simple dance techniques with heart-pounding cardio bursts. Cardio Jazz begins with a 15 minute warm up including intensive abdominal work followed by 45 minutes of dance. The routines are simple and easy to follow and include basic elements of traditional jazz so whether you're a beginner or advanced dancer, you're bound to get a workout!

In closing... I just wanted to thank you for getting to this part of my email. You can now return to your regularly scheduled day. 

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.