(ATL) We didn't invent the rainy day, we just own the best umbrella
Posted by Paulina

Remember that time a portion of the highway crumbled in a terrifying fire? Well, based on the size of classes the past few days, it would appear most of you didn't even notice #dancejunkies 

Sadly though 85 wasn't the only thing to crumble... our own Mannequin champ, B. McGee lost her leg in a pair of very tight yoga pants... girl's circulation done been cut off. No worries though, I got with her earlier today to show me some poses so that I could accurately show off our latest Alo apparel! And it gets better... current 101 brand and past season Alo is now discounted 50% off... be the best dressed in class. #getitgirl 

It's going to be a subtacular week!

While we all spent most of the day challenging our umbrellas to a mighty duel, one 101er is staying dry in the West Coast sun... but in his wake he left the following bad and boujee in charge:

  • -Lauren is subbing JazzFunk tomorrow (4/6) at 6:30pm 
  • -Emily is subbing BalleTronic Monday (4/10) at 6pm
  • -Pytron is subbing JazzFunk Monday (4/10) at 7pm
  • -The following classes have been canceled: Metropolis (tonight), BpM (4/6), Morning Air (4/9), Thread (4/9 & 4/10)

Speaking of cancellations... WE ARE CLOSED ON EASTER SUNDAY!!!! That's right, on Sunday April 16th, you can find us hunting down Easter eggs in the neighbor's bushes... okay probably just me BUT, we have all decided to take the day to rest so please take note of the closing and Happy Easter!

Lastly, I wanted to introduce Gracie (aka the chick behind the front desk with the killer style... earrings made out of tassels?! #mindblown) who works alongside Christie on Sundays. We are excited to have her join our crazy front desk squad! Make sure to say hey girl hey! 

The schedule is looking hot! hot! hot!

Tomorrow, we have a very special POP UP class with recent Atlanta transplant Uyoata who will be throwing down his AfroBeats at 5:30pm in place of BpM... Let me tell you, any instructor that can get David Norwood to shake his butt (we totally spied on Uyoata's audition) is a winner to me! Plan to meet Uyoata on the dance floor tomorrow and afterwards come tell me how much you need him in your life... Uyoata, not David ;-)

AfroBeats: One of the greatest benefits of being a dancer is you have the ability to experience another culture at a deeper level because you speak the truest universal language: dance. Save yourself the airfare and merge into the heart and soul of Nigerian rhythm in Afrobeats, a highly percussive, jazzy and energetic groove that blends Soukous, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk and Dancehall.  Let your body speak the music of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who pioneered the Afrobeat music genre much like what Bob Marley did for Reggae. Don't think of this as a class, nor a workout (although it is those things)..rather as an EXPERIENCE! Click here to sign in!

-*-*-*- pretty paragraph break here -*-*-*-

Joining us Monday April 10th at 7pm is the gorgeous Shama Lightwala in Bollywood Madness. Try her debut class for free, click here to sign in!

Bollywood Madness: What happens when you pair the hottest Bollywood music with American top 40, throw in some killer dance moves and spice it up with electrifying energy? Pure Bollywood Madness! Burn up to 800 calories in this crazy addictive workout that combines cardio and toning routines in one action packed class. Shama keeps you moving joyfully and without a clue as to how hard you're working - which, in our opinion, is the perfect workout. Right? The cardio section is followed by a toning segment which focuses on sculpting long, lean muscles. Together, these elements create a HIIT dance fitness program uniquely effective as a total body workout!  Add a Bollywood flair to your weekly regime. Do something different. Try something new. You'll be glad you did. #trustus. 

Free the bun!

Class Spotlight: Ballet Fit  
(all levels) Thursdays at 7:30pm with Lauren

In our opinion, Ballet is the new yoga. There are many parallels between these two genres. For instance: like Yoga, Ballet is transformational. You may break only a light sweat, but it's physical effects are tremendous. Not convinced? Take a look at professional ballerinas - believe us, they didn't get that way by going to the gym. This class capitalizes on Ballet Barre work, along with deep stretching and toning to give you the benefits of Ballet training without the tutu. Wear sweat or yoga pants and a tank or Tee, take the class barefoot or in ballet slippers. However you take it, you'll be amazed at how it will transform you.

In closing... I just wanted to thank you for getting to this part of my email. You can now return to your regularly scheduled day. 

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.