(ALPHARETTA) Together we are dance 101
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes and Dreamers!

There is a unique phenomenon that is inherent to what dance 101 is... a concept I rarely get to talk about - or explain for that matter. It's something that happens organically under the surface and at both studios, but in Alpharetta it's out in plain sight. I call it "claiming" and define it as the act of taking ownership. You heard me say it last week when I announced our new Wednesday and Saturday classes, but may not have entirely understood what I was asking you to do. So here we go: take my hand as I slide you down the rabbit hole into the underside of what you experience in every dance 101 class. 

It works like this: each individual that regularly attends a class (any class) contributes to the fabric of that class (a composite of everyone present). These individuals determine the evolution (because dance is never stagnant), the progression, the level and the content of the class. Dance isn't cookie cutter - not at our level. Not with adults. We come up with all sorts of cute names for our classes because the alternative is to call each class by what it actually is: Ballet with Rachel and her regulars, Jazz with Ofelia and her regulars, Hip Hop with Ashley and her regulars... you get the picture.

If you are a dance 101 regular member, you "own" the studio. Your favorite classes are your favorites because you helped create them. You took ownership, you have a say and your presence casts a vote. Members who come sporadically will benefit from "your" class, but they won't be able to claim the class, to influence it's content until they attend regularly.

When I create choreography for my classes, I ALWAYS do so with a mental picture of my regulars. I see your faces, I picture you standing in your favorite spots on the floor. I even see you wearing your favorite colors. I imagine how you will respond to the movement that's coming to me and ponder how far I can nudge you... I even think about you when I sample music (naw, they won't like this, oh heck yeah they'll love this one!). This may come as news to you... did you ever even imagine all of this going on?

This week we have two new teachers and four VIRGIN classes hitting the schedule. CLAIM THEM. Add them to your list of favorite classes. Become an influential thread in the fabric of their beautiful tapestry. We now (finally) have a great Tap class on the schedule. What level is it going to be? A great Broadway Jazz - what direction will it take? A beautiful Lyrical Contemporary - how is it going to feel? A gentle Barre - what will it accomplish? You decide.

The day each of you realize your ownership of dance 101 is the day our permanence in Alpharetta is cemented. Claim the studio. Support it through membership and attendance.  Together we are dance 101. 

In other news:

Ashleigh Hughes will miss her Tuesday Dance Fitness class 7:30pm April 4. We don't have a sub - who can sub that class?? right?  However, the great news is that she will be teaching Weds for Kevin (7:30pm) during the entire month of April (while he takes a very needed break) so although you'll miss her next Tuesday, you will have plenty of that Ashleigh magic the rest of the month! 

Do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life!

Exercise your dreams, Alpharetta (and claim your classes!)