(ATL) Ooh baby the pollen, I mean the rhythm is gonna get'cha
Posted by Paulina

Spring time in my opinion is the friendliest season... I have never had so many strangers say "bless you" as I am trying so hard not to sneeze my brain out. It could be sympathy, it could be empathy or it could be... man, it's impressive she hasn't fallen over yet. Whatever it is, I'll take it! Allergy season is brutal and I am all about the love. And while we are talking about love... 

How sweet are our new dance 101 bags?! In both a tote and messenger style, they work great as a carryall to transition you from work to class! No water bottle, no jazz shoe, no electronic device gets left behind! Pick up yours today! Because ladies, face it... there's no such thing as too many bags. #baglady101

Scheduling your life, one class at a time. 

As you all should know by now, Kevin M. is taking off the month of April. I know what you're thinking... what are you going to do Thursday nights and Saturday mornings?! Before you start ugly crying, listen here... We got you covered! D is taking over Thursday nights and he's promising a nonstop (read: NONSTOP) Hip Hop Fit and Ashleigh is taking over Saturdaymornings and well, if you don't know about her yet, time to resurface. 

Speaking of Saturdays, this past Saturday we had to say goodbye to Jenna as she transitions up to Alpharetta to teach Tap and Broadway Jazz... That's right... we lost her to the OTP studio; this is why we can't have nice things, Atlanta. #smh  

Schedule Notables:

-Remember last Wednesday when I had a total brain fart and got Shana's classes confused... #mybad Well here's a friendly reminder to come check her out at 10:30am for Power Barre followed by 11:30am Cardio Jazz. I promise it's a much better flow this way haha. 

-Superstar Sub, Pytron is in for Camille this Thursday March 30th for Cardio Mix. Keep telling her how much you love her and with our powers combine we can get her on the schedule! Yes, that was a Captain Planet reference #totally90s

Popping Up in the next few days:

-The itty-bitty's are on Spring Break which means Lauren is available to teach Ballet Barre Fit Monday April 3rd at 5pm!

-Body Sculpt with Ashleigh Saturdays at 9:30am for the month of April starting THIS Saturday! Want a body like Ashleigh? Yea, me too! Need more convincing? Read about it here:

Dancing for fun or to drop weight is the ideal fitness plan - in our opinion. It's great cardio and the calorie burn can be substantial. But don't stop there... you also need to build muscle. Muscle mass spikes your metabolism and provides strength and muscular definition. Define and sculpt lean muscles, focusing on arms, core and glutes using body resistance and light weights, each song is choreographed to target and fatigue a particular area. Never a dull moment, the killer playlist will inspire you along. If you'd like to see this class permanently on Saturdays, please let us know!

Class Spotlight: Dancehall
(all levels) Wednesdays at 7:30pm with Nicholas

Join the likes of Half Pint, eek-A-Mouse and Yellowman on an imaginary ride through Jamaica in the 90's, where the sounds of old Skool blasted the countryside over thunderous sound systems with speakers stacked mountain high. The infectious, sensual rhythmic sway of DanceHall is a joyous and uplifting physical high. Join DanceHall master Nicholas Mafabi, step by step as he leads you into this really cool vibe, against a musical backdrop of some of the most amazing music you've ever heard from artists such as Sean Paul, Mavado, Vybz Kartel, Demarco and more!

In closing... I just wanted to thank you for getting to this part of my email. You can now return to your regularly scheduled day. 

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.