(ALPHARETTA) Four reasons to dance! dance! dance!
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes and Dreamers!

Exciting news!!! Four new classes hit the schedule next week - thanks to your suggestions and recommendations! Please don't ever be shy about telling me what you'd like. I can't always make it happen right away but when the seed gets planted... it's on my radar.  Thank you to all who emailed me - I received so many - I have not been able to respond to all of them - but I am grateful for each and every one!

HELLLLOOOOOO TAP!!!! Saturdays 2-3pm with Jenna. Here's the deal: we are labeling this class as Beginner to throw out a wide net, see who attends. Note: this is not an introductory class - you must have some knowledge of tap and tap shoes. Show up and claim this class! Whether it ends up being Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced is IN-YOUR-HANDS. Jenna will come prepared to teach Beg or Int levels according to who shows. Those who attend throughout April will determine the level of the class in May and going forward.

And while you're here... stay for Broadway Jazz (Beginner) with Jenna 3-4pm! If you love Musical Theater, you will adore this class... imagine! Every week you'll step into the fantasy world of the Broadway stage! Talk about a mini vacation, Hello? What will that do for your state of mind? Jenna is such a Musical Theater buff, she often shares little known background trivia about the Musical she is teaching. What a special touch - how fascinating to know the back story... because as we were reminded in "Kiss Me Kate" there's always two stories: the one on stage and the other one behind the curtain.

Wait! There's more! Rhonda Henriksen joins us in her Lyrical Contemporary (Beg/Int) class Wednesdays 1-2pm, debuting next week, March 29th. I don't think Rhonda needs an introduction, as many of you know her. But I'd like to say this: tucked away somewhere in Milton, lives a quiet treasure. A dancer of phenomenal talent and training, a performer, a career soloist having danced for some of the greatest living choreographers and dance artists in the country (if not the world). Transplanted from Chicago to, um, Milton... from the stage lights to a country existence... and now back into the studio, excited to share her love and passion with us. Her class may challenge you at first... but don't let that deny you an hour with this extraordinary person. We are so fortunate to be on the receiving end of what she so desires to give - regardless of when we started our dance journey.

And fourthly, "Welcome to Barre & Stretch" , lovingly taught by Catherine Smith, debuts on Wednesdays 2-3pmMarch 29th. This class is a gentle, gentle welcoming to Ballet for anyone who'd like and benefit from a slower paced Ballet class with an instructional stretch component. Know anyone in the 50+ demographic who'd love to dance, but is intimidated? Bring a guest and we'll comp them in. Bring 10 guests and we'll comp them in and think of something really nice to do for you (Ha!). Catherine is going to do a great job with this class. She's already prepared her syllabus and playlist and is chomping at the bit to touch more people's lives through dance.... you know that's her mission!

In other news...

David is stepping in for Tanya this Saturday at 11:30am with Bpm (his version of dance fitness). Tanya's out this weekend and we couldn't find a sub... David stepped up to the plate - because that's the team player that he is (that, and he loves teaching you all). Please join him this Saturdayfor the Grand Slam (and we're not talking breakfast at Dennys): 9:30am Thread, 10:30am Jazz Funk, 11:30am Bpm. Lord, I really hope not to be calling 911 at 12:30!

Do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life! (And show up for tap class)

Exercise your dreams, Alpharetta! I got you!