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Posted by Paulina

Daylight Savings Time. The three words I love to hear more than "It's Taco Tuesday." This Sunday we get to spring forward an hour and while we "lose" an hour of sleep, I can't wait to gain the extra hours of daylight... As a kid I have fond memories of playing outside until 9pm, except that one Summer when I tripped while wearing roller skates and chipped my front tooth... totally not cool. But now as an adult I look forward to late nights on patios sipping cold adult beverages... yea ok, I did that last night, BUT that's not the point! The point is, I am reminding you to not be an hour late to your class this Sunday. You're welcome :-) 

It's the schedule that never ends, it goes on and on my friends...

I hope you all enjoyed last week's short and sweet 101 because man, do I have A LOT to tell you! Just to give you an idea, I can't remember the last time I had to design 10 class banners in 2 days - you all are keeping me very busy! 

To begin:

  • -NRG tonight at 5:30pm is canceled
  • -MADD-X tonight at 7:30pm is 1.5 hours... don't worry, we have already started cooling down studio 3 to accommodate the sweat show in there tonight!
  • -Ashley is leaving on a jet plane tomorrow (next stop Hong Kong) so her Saturday classes on March 11th (1pm Contemporary & 2pm Hip Hop) will be covered by guest sub Birane Moore... let the front desk know what you think of him! 
  • -Hip Hop Fit is canceled for ::fingers crossed:: the last time this Monday March 13th at 5pm, by the way thank you all for being so cool with this 3 week cancellation!

Pop Up Classes to add to your ical right now:

  • -Jazz Funk Remixed (Beginner) with Ofelia tonight at 5:30pm
  • -Delirio (all levels latin cardio) with Ofelia tonight at 6:30pm
  • -Dance Fitness with Ashleigh H. returns this Saturday at 9:30am
  • -Latin Heat (all levels) with Ricardo Monday March 13th at 6pm

I know what you're going to say... didn't you already promote Jenna's classes in the last 101? While a TRUE statement... how badass do her class banners look (see above)? I just HAD to show at least one of them off! Not to mention I felt it was a good way to get you to read the next part... aka the reasons as to why you need Jenna in your life: 

1. Tap Basics is a great class for those recently graduated from the Tap Workshop or for those who just found their Tap shoes in the back corner of their attic next to those embarrassing Christmas Pageant costumes. 
2. In On Broadway, Jenna doesn't just make you feel like you're performing your favorite musicals, she also throws down some serious knowledge including the background of the stories, the choreographers and the importance of the Musical at the time it was released... In the words of Biggie.. if you don't know, now you know... #micdrop

It's only going to get better...

Ballerobica with Bryn is now twice a week! 
Mondays at 10:30am & Wednesdays 11:30am

Don't let the name fool you, this class isn't a Ballet class, it's a booty kicking, muscle strengthening, body toning cardio workout with Ballet inspired technique and now it's TWICE a week for your torturing I mean, ambitious workout pleasure... you'll want warm weather to come sooner so you can show off that Ballerobica body!

Also coming to Mondays, is Jazz Cabaret with Beth!!

Who doesn't want to spend their lunch break in sequins, feathers and 5 inch heels? Just me? While this class doesn't require those things, you'll definitely want to channel your inner Showgirl in Jazz Cabaret with Beth. Did I mention she's part of local Burlesque troupe, Dames Aflame? You can catch them performing around town and trust me their performances don't disappoint so you know her class won't either - try her class for FREE this Monday March 13th at 12:30pm, click HEREto reserve your spot!

Have you met Shana? You should probably meet Shana!

Power Barre
(all levels) Wednesdays at 10:30am

More than a play on words (you'll want a power bar to help you through the hour :), science meets the arts in this fusion class which blends the artistry of ballet barre with isometrics to reap the benefits of bodyweight exercise (creating lean versus bulky muscle mass). Firm and tighten as you flow gracefully from one exercise to another. Hit all the right areas: core, glutes and legs. And abs, abs and more abs! This gentle but intense barre workout creates muscular strength and definition and is a perfect compliment for dancers (and non-dancers) of all ilks. Sing along to your favorite artists: Beyonce, Gaga, Fergie and Janet as you power through this amazingly effective ballet barre technology! 

Discover Cardio Jazz
Wednesdays at 11:30am

Is it possible to learn technique while getting an intense cardio session in? It is in Cardio Jazz! Shana creates a sassy, fun class that combines simple dance techniques with heart-pounding cardio bursts. Cardio Jazz begins with a 15 minute warm up including intensive abdominal work followed by 45 minutes of dance. The routines are simple and easy to follow and include basic elements of traditional jazz so whether you're a beginner or advanced dancer, you're bound to get a workout!

*Try both of Shana's classes for free on Wednesday March 15th! Click HERE to reserve your spot!

In closing... I just wanted to thank you for getting to this part of my email. You can now return to your regularly scheduled day. 

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.