(ALPHARETTA) Dance 101 parallels life
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes and Dreamers!

Dance attracts the most extraordinary people (yeah, I'm talking about you). Why is that...? Well, actually I do have some thoughts on this topic - thought it might be fun to share them with you.

Dance class offers so many metaphors for life. In fact, the parallels are mind blowing.  You may not realize this, but when you walk into a dance class, you are making a declaration to the universe about your attitude towards life and about how you see yourself. You are expressing your willingness to be vulnerable and to feel uncomfortable because you understand that THIS is the price of learning, of knowledge and of growth. It takes an extraordinary soul to brave this level of courage. Specifically, the courage to be really bad at something in order to become really good at it. And how about the courage to look foolish (although you never do) while learning? These are extraordinary human qualities! People that have these qualities live exciting, abundant and rewarding lives! And guess what? You are surrounded by this kind of human breed every time you step into class. 

I have long thought that in a dance class we experience a microcosm of the world and that the lessons we learn can be extrapolated beyond the steps we master to our attitude and how we approach our lives in general. Case in point, consider these parallels:

In class:

  • -If you look at the floor you get nothing back. You must look up.
  • -When going across the floor, if someone is in front of you, it is your responsibility to get out from behind them (not for them to move out of your way).
  • -Seeing is not believing.  Sweeping judgement is never accurate. You must look closely at every detail before you make a decision about what you've seen.
  • -The body has it's own mind and it's own plans for you - so you'd better be nice to it.
  • -The body becomes what the body does and mind becomes what the mind thinks. (If you think you can do it you can. If you think you can't then you won't).
  • -You must move in harmony and formation with others (this takes practice) and when you do, the collective energy of synchronized movement is exhilarating.
  • -There will always be someone who dances better and/or dances worse than you.  And if you are the worst in the class, then you are the luckiest one (because you have the most to gain).
  • -Quitters never get good at anything - because it's impossible to get good at anything you don't do. Duh, right? So the definition of a winner is a loser who tried one more time.  It might take you 1000 tries to hit a perfect pirouette. Imagine if you quit the 999th time?
  • -There's no dance gene. Dancers are made by sheer determination. Make the intention and you will become it.
  • -If you get discouraged by all the really good dancers around you, you are missing the point.  Instead, look at them as the possibility of your future, not as evidence of your present.
  • -Don't worry about others watching you, everybody is busy watching themselves (including you).
  • -And, in closing: Take responsibility for your own learning (which is your life). Do not give that responsibility to anyone else. It's all yours.

Do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life!

Exercise your dreams, Alpharetta!