(ATL) Sub Like it Hot!
Posted by Paulina

Anyone else starting to feel the effects of this beautiful warm weather... such as happiness, more energy, and sneezing so hard your socks fly off your feet? Yea, me too. I think the groundhog lied to us, Spring is closer than we think... joke's on us for letting a marmot predict the weather. Either way, I'm not mad about it, I might still dress like an eskimo behind the front desk but I'll be relieved to not have to dress like one outside haha. 

You know what's awesome? Our app and here's why:

I know you all enjoy reading the 101 but sometimes you get busy and it's hard to grab a glass of wine, get cozy and leisurely read through it, especially if it's at 2pm on a Thursday (apparently not every workplace is down with that? say whaaa?) but you know what is easy to do... check our app, you'll see all the following information, well... not as cleverly written of course, but you know we can't ALWAYS have nice things ;-)


-D is out for the next 1.5 weeks working that SAG paycheck and since he teaches a bajillion classes on the schedule (man, you guys love him ;-), we have had to make the following adjustments:

  • -NRG is canceled tonight & next Thursday March 2nd at 5:30pm
  • -The muy caliente Chani is subbing Fuego tonight and next Thursday March 2nd at 6:30pm - I challenge you to NOT become attached to her #seriously
  • -D WILL be teaching all his Sunday classes
  • -Fuego Monday February 27th & March 6th at 6pm is being replaced with a Samba Pop Up (details below)
  • -The super energetic and all around cool chick, Pytron is subbing Hip Hop Fit Wednesday March 1st & 8th at 12:30pm, she subbed yesterday to RAVE reviews!
  • -And holding it down at the Wednesday 5:30pm Hip Hop Fit slot is our own booty king Kevin T. 

-Don't forget MADD-X is STILL canceled tonight at 7:30pm. I've been stretching my side eye muscles in the event I need to throw it down tonight.

I just love a good Pop up!

Dance Fitness (all levels)
Saturday Feb 25th, 9:30am with Ashleigh

If you've been living under your covers for the past 2 Saturdays (I know, 9:30am is early), this Saturdayis your LAST opportunity to move your body so hard that 15 minutes into it you'll think there's no way you're going to make it through until your mind shuts off and your body says, "move b***h let's get on our way!" And this time I am talking from experience! Don't miss this! You're welcome in advance.

Samba Mama
(all levels) with Jen
Monday February 27th & March 6th at 6pm

If you enjoy belly dance and/or salsa, you're going to love Samba!! Take a personal journey into the heart and soul of Brazil and just in time for Carnival season! Shimmy and shake your way through Rio to Brazilian rhythms that are sure to get your heart rate pumping and your booty shaking! Master basic choreography while unleashing your inner samba mama. Strengthen and tone your body with playful drills that will show you that YOU CAN shimmy your way to a happy and healthy body.

A good reason to look forward to Mondays...

Class Spotlight: Ballet Libre (INT)
Mondays at 10am with Beth

Translating to "ballet unrestricted", this traditional 1 hour & 30 minute ballet class strives to incorporate movement that is specific but human; logical but freeing, enjoyable but athletic and challenging. Appropriate for established dancers, rising professionals, and beginner/intermediate students that want to take it up a notch. Taught by Beth Del Nero in a "mainly Vaganova" style to classical or modern classical music. Barre work will stress alignment from the bones out, precision, strength, flexibility and balance. Center work will combine those principles with big fluid movement and musicality.

In closing... I just wanted to thank you for your time and laughing at my jokes... it's nice when other people besides your mom think you're funny. 

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.