(ATL) Why fake it when you can shake it?
Posted by Paulina

We have a lot to cover in today's 101, so I'll keep my New Orleans recap short... Let's just say thank goodness for two days of kickball otherwise I would NOT have fit in the car on the ride home... the Nola cuisine did NOT disappoint. From homemade crawfish etouffe (aka butter butter butter) to beignets the size of my fist (from Cafe Du Monde of course) to the incredible brie and prosciutto crepe (from my new favorite brunch spot, Toast)... I almost forgot that I was there for a tournament and not a food tour. #priorities 

Now just a few mentions before we get to it... Congrats to Lauren on a very successful Barre & Bae themed Ballet Barre Fit this past Sunday and thank you to those that brought their Bae/Boo/Beau... rumor has it, she might have scored a new batch of regulars. Lastly, starting today, every 101 will end with a Class Spotlight. Sometimes we put more focus on the shiny new classes and forget about the amazing gems hiding on the schedule... #rude

So much to say, so much to stay, so much to say...

-Body Shock with Katrina Saturdays at 9:30am is taking a hiatus for the rest of February but coming back as strong as her legs in March... get ready to Get Chiseled.

-Fani is in Spain over the next few weeks (my jealousy is an understatement) so Flamenco Mondays at 8pm has been canceled until further notice.

-Jazz Funk with David on Tuesday mornings has been canceled so he'll be well rested for the addition of BpM that night at 5pm.. that's right, BpM is back on Tuesdays but at an earlier time... Spend rush hour, burning calories instead of your break pads.

-Speaking of Tuesdays at 5pm, Dance Fitness with Jess&Ashley moves to it's new 11:30am time starting February 28th... just call it the ol' switcheroo!

-Starting February 22nd John James will be teaching an intermediate version of his popular Hip Hop 101 at 8:30pm appropriately called... wait for it... Hip Hop 201. Details coming soon.

-Lastly, MaddX Thursday February 23rd is canceled - I am giving you guys 1 week's notice so I have every right to my side eye when you come strolling in for his class on the 23rd #dontbethatperson

When I pop, you pop, we pop!

Dance Fitness (all levels)
Saturday Feb 18th, 9:30am with Ashleigh

Real talk... was I right about Ashleigh and her class or what?! She had quite the show out last Saturday so I am stoked to hear you all took my gushing to heart. Speaking of which, remember how I complained about not being able to take her class? Well, good thing I read my own emails (durr) because I can TOTALLY take it this Saturday. So join me in Studio 3 for a heart pumping, nonstop sweaty good time. And who knows, if I don't die, I may stay for Dancer's Stretch at 10:30am for the ultimate cool down... Who's with me?!

Euro Ballet (Int) with Momchil
Wednesday Feb 22nd, 10-11:30am

Alright Ballerinas, we know you've been wanting more of Momchil on the schedule so after a recent polling we have decided to give this Wednesday a twirl... see what I did there ;-)

Here's the catch, we need a minimum of 5 students for this class to happen so pre-registration IS required. Click HERE and get it into play! If you're not internet savvy, hit reply and we will add your name to the roster.

When being Basic is a good thing...

Jazz Basics 1 (discover) with David
Wednesdays at 5:30pm

100% instructional...read: no choreography, but plenty of drills, practice and across the floor. Foot work, leg kicks and simple turns... from dance vocabulary to class etiquette. Consider this class as your launchpad. Everything you need, you'll get. And even though David will make it fun, this class will seriously take you to the next level.

Jazz Basics 2 (Beg/Int) with David
Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Up your game and your dance IQ (diQ) in this pure technique class. Grow, evolve and become. Multiply your turns and perfect your leaps, polish your technique and learn some new stuff. This is a working/instructional class to compliment every style of dance you love. It will challenge and may frustrate, but this training is what it takes to soar. Growth is never comfortable but always rewarding. "Grand jete" for the stars and "changement" your future.

Class Spotlight...

Lyrical Jazz (INT) with Stevan
Mondays at 6pm

Emotional expression through the art of dance. Experience movement as originating from a deeper place within and indulge that source through lyrical choreography. This class is technically based and taught at the intermediate level. Choreography is repeated for 2-3 weeks, enabling you to focus on the expression as well as the execution of the movement. Tell the story of your heart. Come explore a more emotional side of jazz.

In closing... I just wanted to thank you for your time and laughing at my jokes... it's nice when other people besides your mom think you're funny. 

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.