(ALPHARETTA) Dance 101 Lagniappe: the 13th donut
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes and Dreamers!

And the beat goes on. Hello February!

Or in Lisa Mongell's case: Buh Bye 13 pounds! She is the winner of our 30 Day "Dance Yourself Fit" Challenge! Way to go, Lisa! Please congratulate her when you see her - and let her ecstatic energy tag you - as it did me. I happened to be at the studio during her final weigh in and I will never forget how she screamed when she saw the numbers on the scale.  It went something like this: OOOOOOFEEELIAAAAAAAAAAA!   But before you go down the wrong Rabbit Hole with this, consider that there are very few dance 101ers who come to the studio specifically and exclusively to burn off weight. That's not to say people don't want to trim down - it's just not the focus of why we are here - and yet it's a benefit of being here.  The crazy thing is that it happens while we are doing something we enjoy - hence the disbelief in Lisa's scream.  Life just doesn't work that way. Losing 13 pounds in one month by taking ballet, jazz and stretch classes is akin to eating cheesecake every meal and dropping 10 lbs in a month. 

It's so important to keep moving, to keep dancing, to keep growing, learning and giving. I'm sure it's one of the Karmic laws: work at becoming better (at anything) and other wonderful things show up.  Lisa lost some weight AND she has become a stronger dancer AND is able to retain choreography much quicker AND is about 4 inches away from doing a full on split (both sides, mind you). AND what I love most about all this... are all the "ANDS" in that sentence. Congratulations Lisa!

David, David, David. (Can you envision me shaking my head?)  The He[art]ist and I had a talk today.  Saturday mornings' Jazz Trip Hop is way too fast. Too much choreography, taught too quickly and without enough repetition.  He's promised to slow it down considerably and we're re-classifying the level as beginner.  If you come for Thread, you should stay for Jazz Trip Hop!  Get a spiritual grounding in thread, then work on your dance technique and artistry in Jazz Trip Hop. New combination each month (so you'll get a chance to really learn it) and February's combo will be introduced this Saturday! Ya'll come take class!

Say hello to our new Saturday morning desk staff: Miki de Jean! On loan from Atlanta, Miki will be filling in for Paulina who is now needed in Atlanta on Sundays (so we've switched her days off). Miki is not going to know any of you so "Hey, girl, Hey!" as you walk by the front will only get you an "Excuse me?" Hello? Please be sure to sign in on the ipad or on the sign in sheet and introduce yourself!

Do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life! (and maybe drop a few pounds, too)

Exercise Your Dreams, Alpharetta!