(ATL) So many great classes popping up this weekend!
Posted by Paulina

I know it's Wednesday but I feel like the week is just getting started with all that we have going on over the next few days! Boy do I wish I could take part... Lucky you can have a Friday Night Lights moment (On The 50 with Vera); Lucky you get to jam out with the coolest OTP chick I've ever met (dance fitness pop up Saturday 930am); Lucky you get to watch your Bea/Boo/Beau channel their inner Baryshnikov/Misty Copeland (Ballet Barre Fit this Sunday) but alas, I'll be kicking big orange balls in New Orleans at my first ever traveling kickball tourney... I know... what is this life I live?! The good news is I feel confident knowing you lucky people are rearranging your schedule as you read this to make sure you don't miss a moment... now to help you make sense of what I just said... 

On The 50 (Beginner hip hop/jazz funk - think Drumline)
Thursday Feb 9th, 6:30pm
It wasn't easy but after straight up hustling (aka, who doesn't like 7 friendly text messages filled with emojis?), I am excited to announce that Vera will be in the studio tomorrow night for a 'On The 50' Pop Up in place of Fuego at 6:30pm. Vera's schedule rarely allows for her to pop up on the schedule anymore so I wouldn't miss this opportunity! 

Dance Fitness (all levels)
Saturday Feb 11th & 18th, 9:30am
Serious fan girl moment here... meet Ashleigh... this cool Alpharettian chick is making her way ITP this Saturday and next to teach a Dance Fitness Pop Up at 9:30am. Currently Ashleigh is killing it at our Alpharetta studio Tuesday nights at 7:30pm and if you're anything like me, the thought of driving OTP gives you hives but let me tell you... after you experience her crushing playlist, cool girl moves and intense cardio workout, you just might embrace the hives to make the drive up every Tuesday night. In the mean time, go ahead and make plans to attend while she's in Atlanta (you might want to wear your calorie counter, it will blow you away) #promise

Ballet Barre Fit (all levels)
Sunday Feb 12th, 10am with Lauren

Well ladies and gentleman, Lauren has officially figured out how to get Erik to take her class haha. So don't leave Erik hanging, grab your Bae/Boo/Beau (say that 3 times fast ha!) for a special Valentine's Day themed Ballet Barre Fit this Sunday at 10am. Oh and did I mention Bae/Boo/Beau takes class for free?! Share the love!  

Ballet Barre Workout (all levels) 
Mondays at 5pm with new instructor Sophia
There's only one way to get a ballet bod and to acquire the power of controlled movement... and that's to train like a professional ballet dancer. This is pure ballet barre - down to the most minor detail. It's what makes this class so special.  There's no need to infuse any other exercise modality to make it a workout - this type of training stands firmly on it's own.  Great for all levels - from beginners to advanced, this subtly powerful workout transforms the body through comprehensive elongation of every muscle group (creating a long, lean look), by improving posture, strengthening your core and training your body to move gracefully in a beautiful way.   A magnificent playlist will inspire you and the hour will fly by!

*Try this class for Free on February 13th and then stop by the front desk and let us know what you think of this awesome new edition!

-Just a quick schedule note, tomorrow the following classes have been canceled: Cardio MixNRG & Fuego. Everyone will be back to these regularly scheduled classes next week. Stay up to date on all subs and cancellations with the dance 101 app available in the app store for Free Dollars!
-Shout out to Jodie V. the Atlanta winner of our first ever 30 day Dance Yourself Fit challenge! Way to kick some ass! Jodie showed enormous discipline keeping up with the Beast-Twins, Guns (Ashley) & Hurricane (Katrina) and let me tell you the results speak for themselves! Well done! Didn't get to participate this time? Don't worry, details regarding the Spring edition will be announced soon. 

In closing... I just wanted to thank you for your time and laughing at my jokes... it's nice when other people besides your mom think you're funny. 

Keep it real!
Paulina - out.