Profession: Technology Solutions Architect
Age started dancing: 36

Dancing has been a magical journey of growth and self-discovery for me. For a long time I’d get teased about my attempts to dance. The words dance and Dennis often found their way into a punch line. 

But I always believed dancing would uncover many hidden sides of me - and it turns out I was right! After a few years of occasional and random dance classes (mainly ballroom), I realized I was not finding what I was looking for. My interest was more on the creative and more expressive side of movement. I had a burning passion to experience this, I believed in myself and I knew if I could just find the right teachers and the right studio, I’d be able to accomplish great things (and no longer be a punchline). 

When I found dance 101, I couldn’t believe it. They offered more classes and more variety of dance genres per week than any studio I’d ever researched or been to. My first class was beginner Hip Hop. I experienced a mix of feelings: it was fun, but I was struggling. After two classes, a wave of self-defeating emotions played out in my head. But the advice and support I received from my teachers put things into perspective. Their advice guided me on the right path and into the classes that were appropriate for my level - instead of me just picking classes that sounded good. This made me realize how much the teachers at dance 101 champion their students. I felt like everyone I spoke to at this studio was in my corner and wanted me to succeed… and five years later, I am succeeding beyond what I thought was possible for me. In fact, I have now branched out from Hip Hop into Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and the Dancers’ Stretch classes.

There is so much more I want to explore and learn and I feel lucky to have found a place where there is so much artistic diversity among the teachers. Some classes represent cultures and countries where I've never been (but now hope to go). But most of all, dance 101 teachers know how to teach to the adult mind. This creates so much opportunity and possibility. I realize dance is a journey without a destination - because as long as you're dancing, you’re growing, learning, improving and breaking through limitations (real or perceived). This journey has been transforming and therapeutic. I've also learned to replace fear with curiosity. Dance101 is a safe place where I keep seeing a new me because I am growing. This studio has become such an important part of my life. I’m there every day they are open and take about 32 classes a month! There’s no stopping me now!