(alpharetta) Summer break continues on Saturday mornings!
Posted by Ofelia

Dear Dancers, Artistic Athletes & Dreamers,

School's back in session... do I hear an AMEN!? Or maybe for some of you it's more like OH NOOO NOT YET!? One thing I'm sure we can all agree upon is how short the summer break has become. Could it be the school year is moving slowly towards a year round schedule? I'm not mad about that idea - but my kids are long out of school so my vote doesn't count. At any rate, life is now settling into a new routine and hopefully that includes a lot of dance for you!

We have some exciting schedule additions on the horizon...

Salsa Blast returns this Saturday 10:30amafter a one year hiatus... welcome back Bennie - we've missed you! And your timing couldn't be better - you’re just in time to extend the abbreviated summer break! Our OH NOOO NOT YET! contingency will appreciate being sent back into vacation mode. And not just this Saturday - but every Saturday going forward! Who doesn't need/want a one hour mini Caribbean vacation without all the work to get there? Hop in your car and drive on over. After class grab your dance bestie and go have brunch and a Pina Colada with your Huevos Rancheros! #nojudgement

Friday classes debut August 18th! Hello "Intro To Dance Fridays"! Where you can take Introductory classes in Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop every Fridaymorning beginning at 10:30am and running to 1:30pm.  These classes are now live on our website where you can read the descriptions and sign in

Each class has been designed to launch you into our other classes by giving you a strong foundation in each genre.  You'll get a nice "workout" but mostly you will learn. And grow.  See, this is the beauty of dance - it's a journey. It's not the same thing every time. Our instructional classes follow a format, each class focusing on at least one specific thing - sometimes more than one - at a manageable pace. If the fire is there... if you want to become a dancer (not just look like one), here it is. Bring a friend who says they can't dance and together experience a beautiful transformation. #exerciseyourdreamsalpharetta!

Claim These Classes! If they speak to you, take ownership. Support them, attend them! Give them life! 

And while you're in Claiming mode, how about Rhonda's Pi-Yo-Da (Pilates-yoga-dance) on Tuesdays at 4:30pm? Pi-Yo is a hot fitness trend sweeping the country... but look at us! Thanks to Rhonda we've taken it a step further adding the dance component.  So when your friends are talking about their Pi-Yo class you can throw in a Duh!...errr, DA I mean. #sorrynotsorry

As always, do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life!