Teacher Training Certification

“I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist...it might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.” (John Steinbeck)

Calling all dancers, artistic athletes and dreamers.... Dance 101 Teacher Training fills a need in the boutique fitness industry for exceptional Yoga, Barre, Pilates, and Dance teachers. Our training program will launch your teaching career with an insider's view of the industry, proven teaching methods and marketing strategies to build a great class. We are now enrolling for our 2018 Teacher Training Intensive at dance 101 Atlanta, offering you the opportunity to become a Certified Teacher of the Movement and Fitness Arts (CTMFA designation).

Our 6 week, 40 hour (Friday & Saturday evenings) certification program gives you the tools to successfully create a class experience that is uniquely yours. Learn communication techniques, how the mind learns movement (of any kind) and how to connect with your class by establishing strong leadership. Learn how to create choreography (if dance is your thing). If teaching is something that interests you and you meet the Certification criteria below, take a look at the course outline and let this idea percolate (but don't wait too long! Each course is limited to 10 participants). 

Many successful studios (Dance 101 included) need highly trained teachers to expand, to open new locations. A studio is only as great as its teaching staff. The fitness industry is booming. Well trained teachers are in demand. Be one of them.

Who should take this course? Do any of these describe you?

-Individuals serious about and committed to becoming an exceptional teacher and willing to do the work to achieve this level of excellence.

-Aspiring fitness professionals who have a Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Zumba, Jazzercise, or otherwise fitness or dance certification in a competitive field.

-Dance lovers who'd enjoy teaching dance fitness or otherwise instructional fitness with at least 5 years of dance training.

-Those having a dance degree (major or minor) who wish to successfully break into the adult market.

-Professional fitness instructors in any genre.

-Retired professional athletes or dancers who wish to transition into teaching.

-Avid fitness enthusiasts who believe they have the physicality, passion and desire to teach instructional fitness or dance classes to adults.

Ideal candidates for this training are extroverted people who are givers by nature, who are truly interested in others (people lovers) and who want to exercise their dream of giving to others in a profoundly meaningful way. 

Course Outline:

Basic Principles of Effective Communication:

How the adult mind hears instructions, processes, learns and retains information (new and/or familiar). How to effectively present new material. Learn how your students learn movement: Mirror, story, emotions.

Creating and Structuring Your Class Experience: 

-Explore what makes you different from the thousands of other people with the same Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Zumba etc. certification. How to set yourself apart. Find your "voice", your niche and your individuality and learn how to create an amazing class experience because of it.

-Setting goals for the class and establishing the framework to deliver these goals. How to make it interesting and engaging: Creativity within a framework.

-Executing your vision through efficient use of time (Warm-up, content, cool down) and the use of your playlist for time management.

-Understanding the musical component; how to attach your movement concept (Yoga, Pilates, Dance, etc, - herein referred to as choreography) to music and how to teach it in accordance with how adults make mind to body connections.

-Structuring your warm up: Learn basic anatomy, how to prepare the body for your particular movement.

-Principles of stretching - warm up vs gaining flexibility.

Effective Teaching Strategies: 

-How to build a popular class. Communicating expectations, adjusting material to an appropriate level for those present, establishing a personal connection. Creating excitement, establishing leadership, teacher and class etiquette; how to build your community; how to create your own unique class experience.

-Learn cuing methods (lots of hands-on practice on this subject), sequencing of movement, how to lead a class.

-Teaching your class: How to teach your material using clear terms and when to deliver verbal vs non-verbal instruction, modifications and corrections. How to use repetition effectively and when to move on.

-Making your entrance: 85% of the outcome is determined in the first 15 seconds of process. Appearance, demeanor: setting the example.

-How to "read" your class. When to pick up speed, when to slow down. How to manage student frustration. Using positive re-enforcement to mentor student growth.


  • -Developing your playlist; establishing criteria for selection of music, using your musical selections to build momentum. Creating your musical outline, then plugging in musical choices to specifically create a particular class experience.

Choreography*: (Specifically if Dance Fitness is your focus)

-Envisioning the end result, keeping the large picture in mind. Learn basic strategies for creating movement using circular, linear, diagonal, up/down, traveling, weight shifting, top/bottom and other sequencing strategies that all choreographers use. This basic formula applies across genre lines.

-Finding the piece of music: How to get inspired: Music, a mood, an emotion, a message, lyrics, other performances, a formation, a touch, other. Learn how to get your message/feeling across: Pick your theme.

-Map your music. Learn to locate the top of the 8 count, how to categorize your music into repetitive phrases, how to identify patterns, strike points, filler time and focal points in a song.

-Learn strategies that help you remember your choreography. And how to improvise when you don't!


  • Writing your class description and composing your 30 second elevator pitch
  • Social media marketing: Get the word out! (Guest speaker)


Diet and Self-Care:

  • Diet and nutrition: Fueling the body. What to eat, when and how much.
  • Self-care for the long run, recovery, injury prevention and first aid treatments.


Getting the Job! 

  • How to craft a killer resume/bio. What potential employers look for. What your resume unknowingly says about you. How to prepare for the audition, how to present your class concept, what to ask, what not to ask. How to make the right impression; how to negotiate compensation.
  • Independent Contractor vs. Employee: What's the difference? Tax implications. Defining characteristics. How is this important to you? Examining industry standard contract content. 


Become certified in CPR.  (Guest Speaker)

Why acquire this training?

Not only because teaching a successful and popular class is tremendously fulfilling and a very fun job, but also because there is a need. Highly trained teachers are few in the instructional fitness industry - mainly because the vast majority (if not all) teacher certification programs focus mainly on content with little to no attention paid to the delivery of the content. A well trained and knowledgeable teacher is only as great as their ability to teach what they know. 

Teacher/Instructor compensation is ultimately determined by class attendance. If you're packing your classes, you very quickly become a very important person to your studio and your compensation can reflect this. Some very successful teachers make triple digits for a class. The question is why do some teachers/instructors achieve this and others do not? Commit to this training and you'll find out. 

Make the investment in yourself and watch your passion for fitness turn into a lifetime of income and free studio memberships. Full-time or part-time, take an expense and turn it into an asset. As a teacher, you will be fit, vibrant and strong for as long as you teach and as a Dance 101 Certified Teacher, you will acquire the skills to fast track up the ladder of success because you will have trained with a pioneering company that has an impeccable reputation for teaching excellence.

Dance 101 is a phenomenon. The first studio ever to successfully develop adult beginners into formidable and even world class dancers, Dance 101 is the only studio of its kind to lay claim to such an achievement. Dance 101 is known for its exceptional teaching staff and our meteoric climb to success has catapulted us to national acclaim as one of the top 10 dance studios in the country (Billboard Magazine, March 2017). This is not by accident. Achieving what was otherwise thought impossible, through years of trial and error and a copious amount of research, Dance 101 founder Ofelia de La Valette developed a method of teaching movement that grew this studio from its original 35 students to over 40,000 registered dancers over the course of 13 years. Here's your opportunity to learn directly from Ofelia in this comprehensive certification program that deeply examines every aspect of developing, teaching and growing a highly successful class. Course outline below.


Certification Requirements:

To receive a teaching certification diploma and a written letter of recommendation, course participants must attend each workshop and complete all course work. A missed workshop can be made up during the following training session.  

Tuition and Fees:

(Includes all course materials) Space is limited to 10 participants. Reserve your spot today!

  • Dance 101 Teacher Certification: $2600 Click <HERE> to register. You'll receive an email shortly to confirm your enrollment along with a few questions. 


May 2018 (at dance 101 Atlanta):

Part 1: Strategic Delivery
5/4: Friday 6-9pm (Communication)
5/5: Saturday 2-6pm (Creating Your Class Experience)
5/11: Friday 6-9pm (Teaching Strategies)

Part 2: Making it happen
5/12: Saturday 2-6pm (Marketing & Music)
5/18: Friday 6-9pm (CPR training & Nutrition)
5/19: Saturday 2-6pm (Getting the Job, Contracts & negotiating pay)

Part 3: Creating Choreography *Optional Add-on
5/25: Friday 6-9pm
5/26: Saturday 2-6pm
6/1: Friday 6-9pm 

Part 4: Teaching Workshop (hands-on training)
6/2: Saturday 2-6pm
6/8: Friday 6-9pm 
6/9: Saturday 2-6pm
Wrap up celebration dinner Saturday 6pm 

Future Workshop dates (Following same Friday/Saturday course outline above): 

-August 4th - Sept 8th  
-Oct 6th - Nov 10th

To reserve a spot in any of these future courses $400, click HERE  NOTE: The $400 is non-refundable and will be applied towards tuition.

Yeah we know... this is a lot of information. But if you've read this far, this Certification may be the next step on your journey. Questions? Please email ofelia@dance101.org.

Thank you for registering to become a Dance 101 Certified Teacher of the Movement & Fitness Arts. You've opened the door. Your first step in will be illuminating and the journey will be a pivotal chapter in your life.

Exercise Your Dreams, Atlanta!