Pointe Workshop with Rachel

This 6 week workshop is for dancers of at least intermediate level ballet technique, who know positions well and feel comfortable working in releve (demi-pointe) at barre and center, and are ready to begin or revisit working en pointe. We will begin each class with ankle strengthening exercises (using resistance bands, towels, etc) and then progress to pointe exercises at the barre; classes later in the series may also take pointe exercises in the center.

Newcomers to pointe may opt to only wear shoes for a portion of the class early in the series. Dancers with more experience dancing en pointe will gain strength by keeping their shoes on and receiving modifications for some exercises. You'll also learn tips and tricks for fitting, sewing, and preserving your shoes along the way. Ballet is designed to be done en pointe; experience what this dance form is really all about! Watch your overall technique improve as you take your training to the next level (not to mention, your calves).

  • Workshop: Pointe Workshop (6 week series) in Alpharetta
  • Day/Time: Every Sunday for 6 weeks, 4-5pm June 18th - July 23rd
  • Registration: $150, registration closed June 15th.