Ash & Jess

Class: Dance Fitness
Location: Atlanta, GA

What happens when you mix kindness, charisma, an excellent playlist and a 'side' of swagger? Jess and Ash's Dancefit class! Jess aka "Chief Booty Boss and Ash, aka 'Senior Squat Officer" bring their humor and exuberance to their class each and every time.  Jess moved here from Cleveland and found a path into teaching dance.  Ash had heard about this great class and decided to try it out.  Soon enough they were working as a duo.  Jess lives with her husband Chris and two children, along with a mini farm (not really but kind of) in Decatur. 

Ash lives with her wife, Analia, and their darling daughter. Together, Jess and Ash realize that a fitness class isn't just about the dance.  It is about creating a fun, non-judgy class where each and every participant is invited to dance like no one's looking.