Class: Flamenco
Location: Atlanta, GA

Fani is a flamenco dancer who comes via France and has been and can be seen at a variety of venues, including the Atlanta Opera’s recent production of Carmen, Tablao Flamenco at the Atlanta Cuban Club, or, more recently, Siento at Emory University. She has taught flamenco dance in Atlanta, since 2008. Fani, who dances in the style employed by Spain’s most popular women artists, lived in Madrid where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the Universidad

Complutense. Fani also lived in Seville where she taught at the University of Seville while training with today’s top dancers, including Leonor Leal, La Choni, Andres Peña, Pilar Ogalla, Manuel Liñán, Manuel Betanzos, and Ursula Lopez.