Open your Mind. Close your Thoughts. If Tai-chi were created by a choreographer it would look like this. Go into your imagination and picture Tai Chi flowing movement in a glorious moving mediation... layer in a backdrop of electronica music and alter the sequences to match the 8 count phrases in the music. That's Thread. No question is a bucket list class for everyone and anyone. Experiment with new movement, experiment with new experiences.

Inhale / Trust / Release / Move. Concept conceived by Ofelia de La Valette and created by resident choreographer David Norwood.

New Student Pricing

Your dance journey begins here. With so much variety of classes and different ways to move, stretch and condition your body, these specials give you ample opportunity to experiment - to find which classes inspire you to exercise your dreams of becoming an Artistic Athlete. Note! If you already have an account with us and purchase either of these specials, we will issue you a full credit to be applied to a regular class card!

30 Day | 4 Classes

30 Day Special (4 classes): $60.00 ($15/class) expires: 30 days from first class.

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1 Month Unlimited

1 Month of Unlimited Classes: $99.00 expires: 1 month from first class.
*On Sale for $50 for the month of June. Redeemable at Atlanta location only*

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Jumpstart Package

For $160 get a jumpstart with this easy starter kit which includes the 30 day unlimited and a pair of Bloch dance shoes!

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