BpM (dance fitness to EDM)

BPM = Beats Per Minute. Fitness meets the dance arts in this explosive cardio class that blurs the line between these two genres. The focus may be fitness but this is all dance with the level of artistry you'd expect from the world class choreographic mind of David Norwood. The music alone will transport you into the movement arts - once it starts, you won't believe you're in a dance fitness class... and yet you are.

Expand your musical palate, execute stylized movement and although you will have scorched a ton of calories, you will feel the joy of dance artistry in all its glory. Master this and you're ready to move into BpM's next level: Jazz Funk Beginner.   

New Student Pricing

Your dance journey begins here. With so much variety of classes and different ways to move, stretch and condition your body, these specials give you ample opportunity to experiment - to find which classes inspire you to exercise your dreams of becoming an Artistic Athlete. Note! If you already have an account with us and purchase either of these specials, we will issue you a full credit to be applied to a regular class card!

30 Day | 4 Classes

30 Day Special (4 classes): $60.00 ($15/class) expires: 30 days from first class.

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1 Month Unlimited

1 Month of Unlimited Classes: $99.00 expires: 1 month from first class.

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Jumpstart Package

For $175 get a jumpstart with this easy starter kit which includes the 30 day unlimited, a pair of Bloch dance shoes, 20% off your first class card or 50% off your first month on our memberships. Valued at $280!!

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